10 fat burning exercises

To do anywhere


We propose you 10 exercises that you can do anywhere and using only your own body. You have to follow the order indicated in the video. Try to do the maximum repetitions in a minute. Rest the time you need before moving on to the next movement. Try to complete the circuit 3 to 6 times.

1.- Jumping knees to the chest

Take small jumps until you have enough momentum to bring the knees to the chest. It is important that the feet are together at all times.

2.- Squat with jump and turn 180º

From half-squat position, stretch and turn in a jump to the opposite side. You have to fall back into the start squat position again.

3.- Split with jump

Each time you jump, change legs. Important that the fall never bend the support leg beyond a 90 degree angle.

4. – Squats closes and opens the legs

Jump and open the legs beyond the width of your hips while you fall in a semi-squat. Hold a second and jump back to the original position with your feet together and legs stretched.

5.- Long jump forward

You have to jump in length and try to fall stable: in a squat position. You will return to the starting position if you go up with small jumps backwards.

6.- Burpee: feet shoulder width.

Drop your arms down the sides while you get your core. Crouch and support your hands: you must throw your legs back to finish in the position of flexion. Hold for a second and collect your legs in a jump, to be in a squat and sit up to the starting position.

7.- Kick feet together.

Arms resting on the ground and toes of the feet, semi-stretched legs. Try to jump, as if you were kicking the air with both legs together.

8.- One-legged

lifts Lying down, squeezing the core, one leg flexed near the buttock, the other stretched with the sole of the foot parallel to the ceiling. Try lifting the stretched leg as much as you can.

9.- Squat with jump

An evolution of the first exercise. Now we will go down to a normal squat and will always climb with a jump.

10.- Rapid leg raises

As in exercise 8, but now you have to try to bend your knees, as if you were running, the faster the better.


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