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10 phrases of movies that you have been saying wrong all your life


Since it was invented, cinema is an important part of our society. In fact, many uses and customs are borrowed from the big screen, especially in terms of fashion and clothing, but also by the way of speaking. The problem is that the memory is treacherous and sometimes they end up popularizing phrases from movies that were never pronounced.

Some cases are quite sound and have become part of our way of expressing ourselves. For the occasion we have compiled a dozen examples of the most illusive. Surely more than once you have uttered these phrases of cinemawithout knowing that they are false, although we have been pronouncing them for so many decades that we do not care anymore.

1Luke, I’m your father – Star Wars

Luke, I’m your father – Star Wars

In Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back is pronounced one of the best famous quotes ever seen in the history of cinema. And by never seen we refer to that: Darth Vader never uttered “Luke, I am your father”, the phrase that everyone remembers.

Actually, what the Sith Lord says is “No, I am your father.”


2I do not feel my legs – Rambo

There really is a character who pronounced the mythical phrase “I do not feel my legs” but it is not Rambo. Sylvester Stallone never said it, although for some strange reason everyone associates her with her most famous character.

Actually the quote is from the movie The Hunter.

3Hi, Clarice – The silence of the lambs

For its part, the silence of the lambs also has its ration forgetful collective memory. In this case the phrase “Hello, Clarice” is the one that has picked up the fame of the one that really was included in the script.

What Hannibal said was “Good evening, Clarice.”

4We’re going to need a bigger boat – Shark

The first time the protagonist of Tiburón – the actor, not the shark – sees the great white approaching, his phrase is not what you probably think you heard when you saw the movie. It’s not “we’re going to need a bigger boat.”

Actually, what Martin Brody says is “He’ll need another bigger boat” in the third person.

5Mirror, mirror, who is the most beautiful? – Snow White

It’s been many, many, many years since Snow White premiered. One of the original successes of Disney, is part of popular culture in absolutely everyone. It is a film that few people have not seen and everyone knows several details.

Apparently, one of those details that we remember wrong is the phrase before the mirror: “Who is the most beautiful?”. Actually, the whole sentence was “Espejito, magical mirror, who is the most beautiful in this kingdom?”.

6Play it again, Sam – Casablanca

Probably one of the most famous celebrity quotes from cinema. “Touch it again, Sam” is one of the phrases used for practically everything, once again, wrongly.

Actually never pronounced the “again”, but said “Touch it, Sam, touch Time passes “.

7Frankly, dear, that does not matter to me – What the wind took

Let’s go now not with a phrase attributed by mistake but with a questionable translation. In English, the protagonist of Lo que el Viento took “I do not give a damn”, translated into Spanish by the creators as “Frankly, dear, that does not matter to me”.

It would be more correct to translate it as “I do not give a damn” or any of its variants.

8Elementary, my dear Watson – Sherlock Holmes

There are many adaptations that have been made of the Arthur Conan Doyle novels, some of them very successful. However, none of his books says “Elemental, dear Watson.” It is an absolutely false date.

However, for issues that are beyond our understanding, is the most popular associated with the saga.

9Toto, I think we’re not in Kansas anymore – The Wizard of Oz

Another classic movie whose main phrase has been distorted over time. This time almost coincides the phrase that has endured with what really was, and is that “Toto, I have the feeling that we are not in Kansas” is passed to “Toto, I think we are not in Kansas.”

By little, but no.

10I Tarzan, you Jane – Tarzan

Since Johnny Weissmüller played Tarzan, it has rained a lot, almost 80 years. However, some of the moments of the original films remain in the collective imagination.

One of them is when Jane tries to teach Tarzan to speak, although you never hear that “I Tarzan, you Jane”.


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