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10 proofs that you are addicted to coffee

10 proofs that you are
Addicted to coffee

Your morning coffee, there is nothing more valuable. Except perhaps that of the arrival at the office. Or that of the 10 o’clock break. Unless it is lunch. Or snack? In short, you are literally addicted to caffeine! The proof by 10 with Fork and bikini.

1. You can not start your day without your coffee

When you wake up, you only think about one thing: your cup of coffee! And as long as you have not drunk, it’s not worth the talk!

2. You do not even know how much you drink from a cup in a day

Between the one of the awakening, the one you drink when you get to work, the one of the 10am break, the one of 11h to accompany your Kinder Bueno (uh, your apple and your almonds we mean), that of your dessert (the famous coffee gourmand!) and all those in the afternoon, impossible to count all your coffees!

3. You tax pennies at the office for the coffee machine

You have no more money? Horror, misfortune! You start to make your pockets to collect small coins, then end up begging 20 cents to your colleagues (often the same for that matter) to be able to insert them into the distributor… well!

4. You have the latest espresso machine

You know all models of coffee makers and espresso machines by heart. You have even tested them all! Moreover, as soon as a new model comes out, you offer it to you. A real budget!

5. You often wander with a coffee to go

The coffee in one hand, a smart phone in the other, you walk in the street city perfect! But unlike most people, you worry more about dropping your coffee than your phone!

6. You want a coffee as soon as you smoke a cigarette

In addition to being addicted to coffee, you are addicted to tobacco! Or the opposite. In short, for you the duo café-clope is unavoidable… and indissociable!

7. Stress when you no longer have pods

As soon as your packet of ground coffee is empty, or your pod box no longer contains, it is panic aboard the kitchen! You quickly go to the store to rebuild the stocks, not to miss, even for a few hours.

8. You know all the coffee shops at 200 km around

The coffee shops in your city (and even the department!) Have no secrets for you. You have your favorites, where you are served your favorite coffee without even ordering.

9. You fantasize about Georges Clooney

Ah, the Georgy, he is beautiful in front of his hot coffee … So, between the sex appeal of the comedian and the smoke of the cup of coffee that captivates you, you can only dream of the famous pub at night! What else?

10. You are unable to reduce your consumption

The most indisputable proof that you are addicted to coffee is obviously that you can not do without it, and that when you try to drink less… You crack! It is too hard !


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