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10 timeless clothes to have in your dressing room

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10 timeless clothes to have in your dressing room
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Some clothes are timeless and indispensable in a wardrobe. We give you the list of the 10 timeless clothes to have in his dressing room.

1. The white shirt

This timeless garment will follow you over the years and even decades, so choose it right! The shirt should have a cut that is simple enough to fit the fashions and slightly curved to enhance your look. Side matter, bet on cotton, it’s a safe bet!

2. The little black dress

Dear to Coco Chanel, the little black dress symbolizes the eternal feminine, the grace and the class. The top is to take it without sleeves and no longer than the knees. She will follow you everywhere and challenge the years.

3. The leather jacket

The jacket leather or perfecto is essential in a dressing room. This garment is easy to wear and follows all your desires: with jeans, a dress, shorts, the most rock style to the most glamorous, it goes with everything.

4. The trench

This English rainwear is a key piece, it is recognized at first glance and it resists all modes. Practical, comfortable and elegant, it gives us a beautiful look.

5. The marinière

Popularized by the creator Jean-Paul Gaultier, the marinière never really gets away from the fashion pages: barely enough time to think that she is losing ground that she is back on all the it-girls.

6. The jeans

Quality jeans will follow you all your life! That’s why you need to choose a good cut that highlights you and a fabric that is strong enough to hold up for decades to come.

7. The denim jacket

As for jeans, the jean jacket is timeless and can follow you for years. Choose a fairly basic cut that will not go out of fashion anytime soon and avoid the ornaments and details that are too original that will get you tired after a season.

8. The white T-shirt

It can hardly be easier than a white T-shirt! And yet, this garment has survived all trends for decades, and it’s not about to change. More than a timeless essential, it is the basic to have absolutely.

9. The right skirt

A beautiful straight and black skirt is essential. It goes to all body types, it is easy to wear and it will serve you on many occasions: work, romantic dinner, evening or wedding, you will never regret this investment.

10. The black blazer

Another timeless piece: the black blazer! The right shade of chic and lightness that can be worn both at work and during leisure.

You now know the 10 timeless clothes to have in his dressing room. With them, you will never be out of date!


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