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12 sexual purposes for the New Year

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Sex is part of our life and is as important as eating a balanced diet, exercise, sleep well, see you beautiful or practice your emotional well-being. How did this year go in that sense?

Whether you simply want to reinforce the good sex you had this year or you want to break down obstacles that prevented a pleasurable sexuality, we suggest that you also include it in your list of purposes or, why not, do you create your 12 sexual desires for the year that is about to begin.

What do you think…

1. Take down blockages and taboos

It sounds elementary, but if you do not take this first step it will be very difficult for you to move forward. Start the year by freeing yourself from everything that holds you back. For example, some thoughts such as: “I feel fat”, “I do not deserve it”, “It’s a sin”, “I’m sorry you see me naked”…

It is not easy because, sometimes, we do not even realize that we have a blockade that prevents us from enjoying. It can be some cultural blockage, something your parents told you (“A lady does not do those things”, “It’s dirty”), some religious belief (“It’s just to procreate”, “If I enjoy I’m going to hell”) or problems not resolved with the couple (lawsuits, unresolved infidelity).

The first thing is to identify the blockade or taboo that prevents you from enjoying. Discuss with the couple and if you need professional help, do not be afraid to go to a specialist (not going is another way to sabotage yourself).

2. Increase your sexual frequency

How many years have you been with your partner? Do you remember the passion you felt at the beginning? It is true that love is transforming, but it is also true that they can reconnect sexually as often as they want.

Take back the things you did with him when they were dating. Sometimes work or children make us forget that we are also a couple. React passion in your relationship and return the libido.

Take the initiative, do not wait for sexual encounters to return one day, go a step further and look for them. It is essential that you express what you want, what excites you, how, in what way and with what intensity.

It sounds cliché, but it is true, communication will make the connection with your partner greater and more sincere.

3. Meets some sexual fantasy

Sexual fantasies help us stimulate our imagination and increase libido. However, there are fantasies that I want to carry out and others that only work in our mind.

For example, if you have the fantasy of making a trio, but you are very jealous and you could not overcome an “infidelity”, it may not be a good idea to “share your partner”.

Analyze your fantasy and if the answer is yes, the next step is to go from less to more. Do not cross limits that put you at emotional risk. That is, if the two agree on the trio, before doing so try going to a bar and see how they react if the couple flirts with another and so step by step.

4. Achieve an orgasm or more

It seems incredible, but only 30% of women reach orgasm. The rule to achieve it is to know yourself, to know where you feel rich. Masturbation is an ally to discover you. The first step is to have an orgasm alone and then communicate to the couple the way to achieve it.

5. Break sexual monotony

Make small changes. For example, a sexy message to the couple, some sex toy… Of course it is valid! You do not need to buy a huge dildo or pretend to be someone else, small things will start to make a difference in your relationship.

Even changing the setting for your sexual encounters is motivating. If you have already tried all the corners of your house (the kitchen, the living room, the garage, etc.), try to leave a hotel from time to time.

A tip, small things also make a difference. You do not need to arrive with a whip and a latex mask, simply change position and give it a variant.

6. Dare to feel sexy

It has to do with the previous point, but it is important. During sex it does not matter if you have extra pounds, if you have stretch marks or what you think a “sexual beast” should do. Dare, that’s the word.

Each of us has our own definition of sexy: the texture of a fabric, a color, an environment, an aroma. Sexy is not the cliché of wearing thong and high heels. If something makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s not for you, look for what goes according to your personality and dare.

7. Watch a porn movie with your partner

Before carrying out this purpose a clarification. Porn movies are entertainment and should be understood as such. That is, if you watch a soap opera you know that this is not real, the same happens with the xxx tapes.

The “normal” men and women do not have these bodies, we do not get so excited, we do not last hours and hours during sex with thousands of orgasms in a single encounter.

Usually, we need closeness, connection and love. However, porn can be an excellent stimulus as a couple. It can give you ideas for role plays, new positions and even help you open the sexual topic in the conversation and see it more naturally. Veil in its proper dimension and will be enriching.

8. Take care of yourself and your partner

Whether you have a stable partner and do not want children involved, or have occasional encounters, safety is essential.

If you ever “skipped” the condom last year, take it as a reminder that this year you will never forget it. The ideal is double protection, some routine hormonal method (oral contraceptive) and condom, because the latter is the only thing that can protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. Enjoy, but with responsibility.

9. Try your physical health

Carrying a healthy lifestyle (healthy diet, exercise, good habits) also influences your sexuality. Obviously you will have a better physical condition to perform the postures that you want, but also keep in mind that you should go to periodic checkups and routine studies: pap smear and colposcopy.

10. Discover your G point

No, it’s not a myth Point G does exist. The easiest way to discover it is with the help of the couple. And it is not a specific point, but a whole area.

Ask him to put his fingers in front of the vagina until he feels the walls. The vaginal walls are smooth and in the area of ​​point G they have a rough consistency. Your stimulation should be vigorous, like scratching.

11. Kiss of tongue, never forget it!

There are couples who still have great sex with time, but they have not kissed for years. The true intimacy is perceived in the deep kiss and the intimacy that it entails. How long have they not given each other a tongue kiss?

12. Discover your point P

This is the most difficult purpose because it does not depend on you but on him and it is a really scabrous subject for men. Point P is none other than the prostate, which also has a physiological response.

When men stimulate the prostate they have an erection, it has nothing to do with their sexual preference, it is simple masculine anatomy. But they have a hard time daring to experiment out there because they fear “losing or questioning” their manhood.

Like point G, point P is a very sensitive area and it can be pleasant. But obviously you will not enter without permission, to arrive you need to talk about it. If you decide to take the step you should also be little by little, with lubricant, well trimmed nails and gradually. Be careful, they have the same right as you to say NO, so do not be offended if it is something you do not want to do.


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