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13 Myths that we believe since childhood

Sometimes generalized misconceptions get into our unconscious and we do not hesitate to take them as truths.


1. The quicksands can completely absorb a person or an animal 

info We know perfectly from the movies that entering the quicksand is a certain death if a selfless friend with a long rope is not by your side.

In fact, quicksand is a mixture of sand and water. Since the consistency of this mixture is greater than the consistency of the water, a person trapped in the sand to the chest will float like a buoy. The victims of quicksand have to lie on their backs to distribute the weight and simply wait until the water is gone.

2. Using a mobile phone at the gas station can cause a gas explosion

13 myths
Contrary to popular legend, a working phone can not cause an explosion, even if it is surrounded by gasoline vapor at a sufficient concentration for ignition.

The precautions regarding the use of the telephone in the service stations are mainly due to the fact that the radio waves of your telephone can affect the electronic equipment that controls the fuel pump.

3. If you plug the car’s exhaust pipe with something, the engine will be deactivated

we believe In the movies they often show scenes in which the car is deactivated with the help of a foreign object placed in the exhaust pipe. A similar experiment was carried out in the popular documentary “Hunters of Myths”. In practice, all the objects used in the test immediately left the pipeline as soon as the engine was started.

4. Coffee is not made of beans, but seeds

childhood Although many believe that coffee is made of beans, they are actually seeds of a plant. The coffee tree is a type of perennial green plant. Its fruits are bright red and contain seeds. Of these, after the subsequent processing, the coffee beans to which we are all accustomed are obtained. In fact, coffee has nothing to do with leguminous plants.

5. Vitamin C helps fight the cold

13 Myths that we believe since childhood Medical research shows that people who take vitamin C regularly catch cold at least as often as others. And that there is no evidence of the effect of vitamin C on viruses.

A cold is an infection caused by viruses and, apart from being vaccinated against the flu, there are still no medicines to prevent it. You can only relieve the symptoms. The only recommendation is rest and plenty of fluids.

6. The penguins are monogamous and find a life partner

info In fact, penguins are periodically monogamous. It is true that they spend the same couple day and night, but only during the breeding season, which lasts between 20 and 30 days and then approximately 2 months, while they care for and feed their chicks. In the rest of the time they may not see each other and even migrate in winter to completely different places.

It sounds a bit sad, but most of life penguins spend alone.

7. Hair shaving causes it to grow thicker

13 myths Despite the existence of a widespread misunderstanding, shaving the hair does not affect its subsequent growth and density. The repeated growth of hair is determined solely by internal factors, such as genes and hormones. What are the reasons for this myth? When the hairs begin to grow, their tips are dull and therefore appear thicker. But in reality it is only an illusion.

8. Men think about sex every 7 seconds

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There is a view that men too often have frivolous thoughts, but this is no more than an urban legend. According to the results of an investigation, there is no gender difference in how long a man or a woman thinks about sex. And of course this does not happen every 7 seconds. We wonder how the creators of this myth could collect this statistic.

9. One should not wake sleepwalkers

Although few people in real life have encountered sleepwalking, many have heard the myth that those who wake up asleep can not be aroused in any case. In fact if they wake up, they will be surprised and confused, but nothing bad will happen. There are many more chances that they will be injured if they continue to sleep.

10. Mars: the red planet

13 Myths that we believe since childhood Mars, often called “red planet” has in its atmosphere a large amount of iron oxide dust. Because of this, from a great distance the color of the planet can vary from pink to brown. In fact, Mars, rather it is golden brown.

11. We lose most of the heat through the head

info In our childhood we were often told: “Do not go out without a cap: all the heat is going through your head!” Some even believe that approximately 50 percent of the heat goes right through the head. In fact, the heat of the body is the same in any part of it. When it’s cold you’ll freeze in the same way using a hat and a light jacket or having a warm jacket without a hat.

12. Bagpipes come from Scotland

13 myths Many believe that bagpipes are Scottish musical instruments. In fact, the bagpipes, as well as many other musical instruments, came to Europe from the East. According to one of the existing versions, the bagpipe arrived in Scotland thanks to the Vikings.

13. The SOS signal translates as “saves our souls”

we believe The myth that the international SOS distress signal is an abbreviation of the English phrase “save our souls” is very widespread. But in fact there is no connection between these words and the signal. It was created in this way simply because it is very easy to transmit in morse code in case of danger. Three points, three dashes, three points.


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