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13 signs that a relationship is lasting

Currently, women get married at 33 years old average, while men at 34

Each relationship is a world. Each couple has their skills, their customs and their own love story. Knowing if it is durable or not is sometimes a topic that reveals, but there are signs to be able to decipher this mystery.

Diego Luparello, psychoanalyst and former president of the APA’s Faculty of analysts in training, told Infobae in detail about the importance of a heterogeneous group of signals, with a common denominator among them.

“It is difficult to ‘know’ when one person finds another, at least one other that goes beyond sexual attraction, a couple is part of a process, and it is a construction obviously supported by eroticism and skin , but immersed in a process that requires trust, tolerance and respect, “he explained.

What are some of the signals that act as necessary indicators to understand the reason for the duration of a link:

They trust the other

With confidence a relationship can withstand the greatest challenges. It is believed that when a partner manages to open up, it is essential not to break their confidence. This means not making fun of your most shameful secrets, even during a fight.

They have similar goals

for a common future or talk about long-term plans

They are dreaming about similar aspects for their future. They think about their relationship, about life, marriage, children and work.

They maintain intimacy

8 out of 10 people send erotic messages to their partner

They say that the number of times a couple has sex proves how happy or unhappy they are in their marriage … But physical intimacy comes in many important ways equally. The mildest form of affection can maintain a strong relationship, be it a kiss on the cheek or a message in the middle of the day.

They know how to communicate in a healthy way

Communication, together with trust, is one of the fundamental pillars of a relationship

Couples who have been together for a while develop their own way of communicating, even through gestures. They are able to openly communicate their feelings, wishes and opinions. They understand each other better and have more privacy.

They can admit when they are wrong

to peer relationships strengthen links

Whoever loves his partner will take a blow to pride if that means stop arguing.

Feel yourself

When someone does not pretend, he does not cheat and he presents himself as he is in reality

At the beginning, couples seek to keep their ‘rarest’ attitudes secret. Then, when they feel more comfortable with each other, they manage to love themselves for what they really are.

They do not seek to change anything of the other

When they fall in love with all aspects of that person. “A loving bond, a couple, is challenged by a kind of vertiginous race for success or happiness, and the possibility of building a bond that gives us shelter from the most crude demands, which allows us to empower each other. : a couple must learn to live with their own crises, be able to withstand a certain level of discomfort, and be able to do something with it, “added the specialist.

They rely on difficult times

It is believed that if he was able to accompany you during a difficult time that is proof that he will do it again, and that is a very good sign.

They still like each other when they are angry

There are conflicting issues that are repeated: the money, the family of the other, jealousy and free time

It is easy to realize. It happens when one still wants to talk and be with the other, even after an intense fight.

Healthy competition

Competitiveness can be a stimulus for relationships

They seek to be the best versions of themselves. They encourage and push each other to achieve their goals. If one that the couple reminds him of all the things he said he would do does not get angry, it’s a recipe for success.

They laugh often

Women tend to attract more men when they smile and are more likely to get their attention

Laughing and joking about small things makes bad times a little easier.

They do not hold grudges once they finish fighting

Unfortunately, there are fights that are inevitable. Actually, it is a sign of a solid couple to fight. However, the key is to let them go once they are finished. Fundamental: resist the desire to bring that back next time.

“There are some moments of a couple that constitute a profound challenge: coexistence, routine, slipping away from mutual respect, the temptation to turn a relationship into a power struggle, among others.” Some of these factors threaten health of the link “, warned the psychoanalyst.

Know what the couple needs and respect it

It is necessary to understand what the couple needs without having to ask for it. People who understand the needs of their partners are more effective in communication and commitment.

“There are couples who continue to experience those emotions that made them fall in love at first, sometimes because they have been able to take care of certain places in common, certain intimate moments, and other couples have been able to transform those emotions into new ones, growing together , renewing again and again the agreement in common, “he concluded.


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