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15 places in Madrid where you can eat an excellent calamari sandwich

Visiting Madrid and not eating a squid sandwich, if it's around the Plaza Mayor better, it's like going to New York and not seeing the Statue of Liberty or leaving Dublin without trying a Guinness: a sacrilege. Passing through the paradox that one of the most typical delicacies of the capital of Spain, more than 300 kilometers from the nearest coast, comes from the sea, I will try to explore the best places where you can make one of these sandwiches.


Its success has its antecedents in the fritanga that in the 60s and 70s our fathers could smell, students then, in the surroundings of the Plaza Mayor and in streets not very far like Fuencarral or Noviciado. It is a perfect food for breakfast, lunch, lunch between meals or even dinner. That is, you can eat at all hours, always accompanied by a beer cold and well thrown.

Squid can be floured or coated with egg; to the Roman or in tempura; cut into small pieces, strips, large rings or less large, with legs or without them. The bread will be wide or narrow, crunchy, in baguette, ciabatta, loaf or pistol of a lifetime. It can be accompanied or not with alioli sauce, mayonnaise, lemon. And, always by his side, a very cool cane, with alcohol or without alcohol, but preferably the local beer: Mahou.

Have you already made your mouth water? Well let’s see where you can satisfy your desires.

Sergi Arola
The creation of Sergi Arola’scalamaris

The restaurant of Javier Muñoz-Calero has not wanted to forget one of the emblems of Madrid’s bar gastronomy. The sandwich has squid rings and purple onion with soft alioli. A delight

2. CASA MARÍA (Plaza Mayor, 23. Telephone: 915591007)

A modern place with high demand, where the squid sandwich costs 2.90 barsand 3.50 tables. In addition to the delicious bocata, it is worth trying the tortilla with chistorra.

Faldero puppy
The squid sandwich of Perrito Faldero: good sauces!

As the name of the establishment says, we continue on the golden mile of the Calamares sandwich, the Plaza Mayor. Here the cane and a sandwich of narrow bread and small squid can leave for 4.50 euros. In addition, for each drink you have a tapa, an ideal place to explore other delicacies of Madrid’s gastronomy.

4. MAGERIT (Plaza Mayor, 22. Telephone: 915473162)

Under the arcades of the Plaza Mayor, in one of the busiest places of the same, we find this place of sandwiches ( 2.90 euros for calamari) and Madrid tapas like tortilla pinchos or grilled ear.

5. EL SOPORTAL (Plaza Mayor, 33. Telephone: 913363966)

After a red facade we can find a place where they throw beer very well and have a good sandwich of squid. Of course, the price exceeds a little.

calamari sandwich
calamari sandwich

6. EL BRILLANTE (Glorieta Emperador Carlos V. Telephone: 915392806)

This place is mythical since 1952, very close to the Atocha station and the Reina Sofia Museum. Ideal to make a stop before or after taking the train or on our way to see the most modern paintings of the Madrid art galleries. They have different breads and formats of sandwiches and the squids, of the large ones, tend to be tender or juicy. Yes, the mythical is expensive. The sandwich can leave you for more than 6.50 euros.

Squid Sandwich of Brillante
Bright squid sandwich



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