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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Locarno 2018. Awards and Coverage Roundup

A Land Imagined director YEO Siew Hua
Below you will find the awards for the 71st Locarno Festival, as well as an index of our coverage.
International Competition
Golden Leopard: A Land Imagined (YEO Siew Hua)
Special Jury Prize: M (Yolande Zauberman)
Special Mention: Ray & Liz (Richard Billingham)
Best Direction: Dominga Sotomayor (Too Late to Die Young)
Best Actress: Andra Guti (Alice T.)
Best Actor: Ki Joobong (Hotel By the River)
Filmmakers of the Present
Golden Leopard: Chaos (Sara Fattahi)
Special Jury Prize: Closing Time (Nicole Vögele)
Prize for Best Emerging Director: Tarik Aktas (Dead Horse Nebula)
Special Mention: Fausto (Andrea Bussmann)
Rose in Matthieu Bareyre's L'Epoque
Signs of Life
Best Film: The Fragile House (Lin ZI)
Mantarraya Award: The Glorious Acceptance of Nicolas Chauvin (Benjamin Crotty)
First Feature
Best First Feature: Alles Ist Gut (Eva Trobisch)
Art Peace Hotel Award: Acid Forest (Rugile Barzdziukaite)
Special Mention: Erased, Ascent of the Invisible (Ghassan Halwani)
Festival coverage by Daniel Kasman
Comedy Saves Humanity: The first report from the 71st Locarno Festival, including the retrospective on comic genius Leo McCarey and Ying Liang's A Family Tour.
Sterling Hayden, Jewish Comedy, "Diane": The second day of the film festival brings a revelatory documentary on Sterling Hayden, the Jewish comedy of Max Davidson, and Diane.
Patterns and Atmosphere: Dominga Sotomayor's atmospheric competitor, and Jodie Mack and Argentine actress María Alché both make their feature debuts.
Looking for Laughs After HUAC: At the festival, a grave adaptation of Sterling Hayden's anguished memoir is followed by comedies about Nicolas Chauvin and Eddie Cantor.
First Features and Good Samaritans: Feature debuts by Tarik Aktaş and photographer Richard Billingham, and a Leo McCarey film starring Gary Cooper.
The Three Heroines: On three of the best films at Locarno: Abbas Fahdel's Yara, Eva Trobisch's Alles ist gut, and Sofia Bohdanowicz's Veslemøy’s Song.
by Gustavo Beck
by Gustavo Beck

Source: Locarno 2018. Awards and Coverage Roundup

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