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4 “amazing” signs that your body needs sex

4 "amazing" signs that your body needs sex
Lack of sex generates health problems, such as insomnia.

All those basic needs that are not met produce harmful effects on the body. If there is not an adequate diet or a quality rest, the diseases appear, the same happens when there are deficiencies in the sexual life.

It is not a myth to say that having sex produces happiness, good humor, success, physical and emotional health, even a certain attraction. However, what are the signs that your body exteriorizes for not meeting this need?

Women who do not exercise or have frequent sex have higher levels of adiposity or bad cholesterol above the recommended values ​​and to a lesser extent of suffering from breast cancer or diabetes, says Issa Dahabreh, a researcher at Tufts University in Massachusetts. United States.

Signs of pain

1. Sick more. One of the most natural medicines to alleviate various diseases is sex. When practiced, endorphins are released that have an analgesic effect on the central nervous system.

Neurologists from the University of Munster in Germany conclude that sexual activity helps eliminate headache or migraine headaches.

For her part, Sara Sandberg-Thoma, researcher at Ohio State University, explains that a life without sex causes mental and emotional deterioration, it can even lead to depression or even suicidal ideas.

2. Insomnia. The lack of sex causes sleep disorders and insomnia, triggering other problems such as low concentrationirritabilityfatigue, loss of reflexes, visibility and coordination of movements, among many conditions.

Matthew Walter, a professor of psychology at the University of Berkeley, says that a sleepless night reduces the ability to assimilate knowledge by almost 40%, since sleep helps clear up short-term memory and leaves room for more information.

3. Low self-esteem. Low sexual activity has been associated with self-esteem. Research affirms that with a life of abstinence, the woman suffers dissatisfaction  with her body, feels bad about her appearance because she does not have a partner with whom to share her intimacy, so her mood will decline.

4. Skin off. A life devoid of sexual relations causes the skin to age and its appearance to be up to 10 years older. One of the benefits of sex is the increase in blood circulation and oxygenation, factors that benefit this organ of the body, making it look more lush.

In short, having sex frequently guarantee happiness, while abstinence brings, in some cases, serious problems of health. What other inconveniences do you consider that the lack of sexual relations generates?


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