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4 ant expenses that you must eliminate to make the fortnight



The ant expenses are the culprits that you run out the fortnight before the next payday. They are the likes that seem innocent, but if you do accounts at the end add a considerable amount.

Also, disburse in these products prevents saving for emergency or for things of greater value. In short, it is a chain of bad habits that leads to debt.

Next, we present you some ant expenses that you could eliminate to take care of your money.

1. Netflix or the cinema. It is good to have the two options available: one to be at home and another to go for a walk. The best thing in this case is to decide which one you take advantage of the most. Many times you do not see so many shows at home and you are more of going to the movies, or conversely, you go to the movies but you do not love them that much and prefer to rest at home.

2. Cigars or coffee. They do you wrong but you need them. Of course, smoking is more harmful and if you decide to quit it will be for the benefit of your health. As for coffee, you can stop buying it in expensive coffee shops and better prepare yours in the office.

3. Eat in restaurant or in Tupper. Taking your food to work means a very good and healthier savings because they are foods that you prepare at home. On the other hand, going to the restaurant for five days totals at least 250 pesos a week.

4. New cell phone or repair the one you have. Do you think it’s time to change the phone because you do not like the camera anymore? Think twice, even though you have a model from last year, it still works well and the modifications from one generation to another of cell phones are few. The best thing is to keep the one you have and repair the damaged parts.


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