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4 aspects that could turn the apartment you rented into a nightmare

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These omissions could complicate it.

Sometimes, home seekers are wrong to omit -by inexperience or ignorance- some revisions and questions related to the department they will rent.

This can cause your choice to become a nightmare. Experts from the Segundamano.mx portal make recommendations so that it does not happen to you.


Define what are the needs that you will cover, whether it is a flat for one or more people, an empty or furnished property, with or without a parking space, as well as the distance between the home and the workplace.


Once those needs have been analyzed, it is necessary to examine the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options; search on websites has the quality to visualize the property through images, to know the conditions in which it is.

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It suggests validating information on places of interest such as access routes, public transport services, bicycle stations, as well as the services offered around them, be they banks, schools, pharmacies or supermarkets.

After this, it will be necessary to make a physical visit and if possible, ask for references regarding the house, the area, the owner or the administrator and even the construction company, in the case of a new building.

In this regard, it is recommended to verify the electrical installations, water and gas, check that the contacts are not damaged and that there are no leaks, and in case of finding any fault it is important to discuss it with the tenant to know who will be responsible for repairing them.

In addition, it suggests frequenting the area at different times, with the objective of knowing the amount of traffic that there is and the alternatives that exist for transporting.


Once the requirements of endorsement, deposits and insurance have been covered, if necessary, it is necessary to stipulate in the contract the monthly cost for rent, expiration date, gas, water and electricity payments, as well as penalties in the event that one of the two parties breaks the contract.


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