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4 cardio exercises ideal for burning abdominal fat

People having hard workout on rowing machines
People having hard workout on rowing machines

Do you want to lose weight at home or do you prefer to lose weight in the gym ? Then you have to know that cardio exercises are essential so you can burn the fat stored in your body. But, not only do you have to do cardio but, also, it will be necessary to complement your routine with toning exercises that will help you to attack saturated fats in specific areas of the body such as the cartridge belts, arms, abdomen, and so on.

In this article, we will discover 4 ideal cardio exercises to burn abdominal fat with which you can reduce the reserve of accumulated fat in the abdomen and, thus, show off a more slender and toned silhouette.

Cardio exercises to eliminate fat from the abdomen

Cardiovascular exercises are those that make our body demand more energy during the day and, therefore, if we are taking a diet low in calories, we will get a caloric deficit that will help us lose weight.

But, in addition to this, these exercises are perfect to help us reduce the accumulation of body fat because our body transforms the reserves of fat into energy to meet the new demand.

That said, once you have consulted the best Cardio exercises for beginners, we will discover what are the  ideal cardio exercises to burn abdominal fat with which you can improve your silhouette and eliminate, once and for all, the annoying love handles.

Swimming, a perfect exercise to eliminate abdominal fat

What to eat before swimming in a competition?

In addition to being a cardio exercise that is relaxing , swimming helps us, too, to burn fat from the abdomen or belly . It is a perfect exercise for those people who are overweight or who are weak joints because, the aquatic environment, does not damage our bone structure at all .

With swimming you get the whole body to work and, above all, tonify areas of the body such as the legs, abdomen and arms . Therefore, it is one of the best cardio exercises to burn abdominal fat and, in addition, make you feel healthier and in perfect conditions to train.

Rowing machine, the exercise you are looking for for a strong abdomen

Importance of rowing in the gym

Another of the best cardio activities to burn belly fat is to perform the rowing machine that is available in most gyms. In fact, the rowing machine is ideal for weight loss and is a perfect device to activate the whole body; in particular, it is ideal for strengthening the abdominals. 

This exercise is based on performing the movement that normally takes place when rowing, therefore, in addition to a strong abdomen will also provide more toned legs and arms.

Paddle, ideal for burning abdominal fat and reducing waist

Characteristics of the paddle

If you are more of competitive sports, then, you will like to know that paddle tennis is a perfect option to burn calories and lose weight in a very fun way. In fact, in 1 hour of match you can get to lose up to 600 calories and it is that the paddle requires all your attention, agility and strength, an ideal combination to work the body.

In addition, this sport also manages to improve breathing and make the body more oxygenated. Therefore, it is a perfect option to enjoy a game between friends and, at the same time, get fit!

Riding a bicycle, perfect for eliminating abdominal fat

How to burn fat on the exercise bike

Another of the best cardio exercises ideal for burning abdominal fat is the bicycle and, above all, if you practice the directed activity that is known as “spinning”. This is a high intensity activity that, however, you can do at your own pace and modulate according to your abilities.

In just 45 minutes you can get to burn up to 500 calories and, in addition, tonificarás especially the abdomen since it is the most benefited muscle area of ​​this exercise. However, it also helps to define buttocks and legs and, therefore, you will get a smoother and slender figure.


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