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4 foods that you love to eat but they cause you cellulite

goals in the beach
goals in the beach

Maybe they can be delicious and be part of our daily diet, but these foods may be causing your dream of smooth skin is not possible. Be prepared that you will be surprised:

Salt. Although it gives flavor to our meals, sodium promotes fluid retention, the perfect setting for cellulite to appear.

Change this seasoning with odorous herbs or if you can not leave it, reduce its consumption and use better sea or Himalayan salt.

As they contain yeasts that are difficult to metabolize, they are a great enemy for your skin. If you can not leave foods like bread, cookies and pasta, look for their full versions.

White sugar. Yes, it’s delicious but having empty calories makes it easier for you to be prone to orange peel and overweight. Look for more natural options such as brown sugar, honey or agave to sweeten your food.

Coffee. I’m sorry to tell you, but your favorite drink is not as healthy as you thought. Caffeine damages your skin, makes your body retain fluids and reduces the proper oxygenation of tissues.


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