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4 health resolutions for lazy people


4 health resolutions for lazy people

Do not wait for the New Year to make healthy resolutions. However, if you have never been a sports person, exercising regularly can be a challenge. If you’re lazy, there are a few things you can do that really help you.

1. Join a team or club

One of the best ways to motivate yourself to move is to choose an exercise or activity that you like. If you do not like running or going to the gym terrifies you, try joining a team at a local club or sports organization to get a reason to go out and get around.

Team sports are not only a good opportunity to exercise or lose weight, they also make friends and become part of a new community.

2. Try the anti-laziness program

If you want to become a runner, try the anti-laziness program. This program offers an alternation between running and walking with three exercises of 30 minutes per week.

This program is a simple way to gain stamina gradually and without suffering as it would be the case with difficult workouts.

3. Find a friend to accompany you in your fitness program

A good way to make exercise more fun and exciting is to find a friend with whom to share this challenge.

Choose a lazy person who, like you, has also decided to take a fitness program. It is important that you are at the same level.
Then, commit to doing an activity together twice a week. Choose an activity that requires you to run: whether it’s walking, running, or just playing to catch a Frisbee.

Having a health partner will allow you to stay motivated no matter what happens.

4. Wear a pedometer and set a goal

If you have never played sports, the easiest activity to help you get fit is walking.

Get a pedometer and start counting your steps. Set yourself a goal of 10,000 steps a day to get fit and keep your heart healthy.
As you progress, you can increase your goal to burn more calories, which will help you improve your fitness level.


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