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5 actions that make you spend extra gas



When we receive our biweekly or monthly payment for our work we allocate a specific amount for the consumption of gasoline for the use of our car. Have you noticed that there are times when your vehicle spends more gas, considering that you make the same journeys as always? We’re going to tell you what could be the reasons why your budget goes out of range.

1. Accelerate the car sharply

When you have to start, try not to accelerate thoroughly, remember you have to wait a few seconds to lubricate the engine.

2. Drive at high speeds inconsistently

When you have 100 km / h you consume 20% more fuel than if you travel at 90 km / h.

3. Use of air conditioning

With the use of air conditioning, gasoline consumption increases up to 15%.

4. Driving with open windows

When you drive with the windows down at a speed of 100 km / h or more, the increase in fuel consumption is 5%, due to the fact that the engine tries harder to reach the desired speed. Pure physics

5. Put heavy things in the car

When you put heavy things on the roof of the car, it demands more effort from the engine, increasing the consumption of 39%

Simple tips that will help you get to the next load of gas without the help of a crane.


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