Home Health 5 benefits of magnesium chloride, save your nails!

5 benefits of magnesium chloride, save your nails!

5 benefits of magnesium chloride, save your nails!
Benefits of magnesium chloride, save your nails!

The magnesium chloride is naturally present in barley, beans, rice, pumpkin, almonds and other foods that help us beautifully to to look and feel good.

It can also be obtained as a nutritional supplement, when treating conditions such as depression, migraines, joint and heart problems; suitable for all ages and with all these benefits:

1. Help with blood pressure

Magnesium decreases the tension of blood vessels , thus helps to lower blood pressure. Some treatments for hypertension are combined with magnesium to decrease hypertensive medications.

2. Control asthma

Magnesium is a good ally for asthmatic patients , because it has a sedative effect that decreases the inflammation of the bronchi and respiratory system; while improving the defenses.

3. Relieves migraines

Magnesium chloride acts directly on the liver and accumulates bile. These directly influence the bilious states that cause migraine. The dose should be prescribed by the doctor.

4. Avoid fatigue and chronic fatigue

When your magnesium levels fall, fatigue occurs . Magnesium helps to better process the nutrients in food, absorbing them better your body yields more. It is widely used by high performance athletes .

5. Improves hair and nails

Magnesium deficiency in the body can affect growth or even hair loss abnormally, the reason is that the hair follicles need this supplement to stay strong.

Likewise, brittle nails or those that open in layers are the result of low levels of magnesium.

Now that you know all the benefits of magnesium chloride, check with your doctor the dose appropriate for your age, weight and medical conditions; and enjoy a healthier life.


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