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5 causes of seizures

5 causes of seizures

A seizure is a sudden change in behavior caused by excessive electrical activity in the brain . The seizure occurs when a person’s body shakes quickly and uncontrollably. During seizures , the person’s muscles contract and relax repetitively.

According to Mayo Clinic, seizures cause fainting with spasmodic movements or body tremor. However, some attacks consist of fixed-gaze episodes that can easily go unnoticed.

The most common causes of a seizure are epilepsy , injury or trauma to the head, infections , brain tumor, stroke, drug use , high fever , and abstinence from alcohol .

What to do in case of a seizure?

1. Protect the person from getting hurt.
2. In case of vomiting , the victim should be placed sideways.
3. Do not place anything between the victim’s teeth during an attack, such as the fingers.
4. Do not move the victim, unless he is in danger.
5. Do not try to stop the c onvulsión ; The person can not control himself during an attack and does not realize what is happening.

After the attack, most victims fall into a deep sleep . Do not prevent him from falling asleep. It is possible that upon awakening she feels disoriented for a certain time. Stay with the patient until professional medical help arrives. Meanwhile, it is important to evaluate the pulse , respiratory rate , blood pressure . If the seizure does not stop, call a doctor immediately. Good luck!


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