Home Health 5 foods that will help you have healthy skin during the winter

5 foods that will help you have healthy skin during the winter

5 foods that will help you have healthy skin during the winter
5 foods that will help you have healthy skin during the winter

Winter began, the time of year when temperatures drop considerably and the largest organ of the human body is the first to suffer, the skin.

As the cold increases, our skin receives more external aggressions such as wind, so it begins to dry and crack due to the humidity in the environment is reduced and our capillaries contract to keep a higher temperature, reducing the blood flow, oxygenation and nutrition in our skin.

In addition, the lack of nutrients in the skin and the cell renewal cycle of the epidermis becomes slow, so dead cells accumulate that prevent natural sebaceous secretion and with it the natural hydration of the skin, says the dermatologist Jatziri Chávez of the Doctoralia platform.

To prevent the cold from wreaking havoc on our skin during the winter, the specialist recommends us to use moisturizing cream, make short baths of less than 15 minutes with warm water, since very hot water melts the fat that lubricates the skin.

Another aspect of the aspects to consider is the diet, Dr. Jatziri recommends the best 5 foods to maintain a healthy skin in cold seasons:

Water or green tea :

It is essential to drink at least two liters of water a day, but drinking it in conjunction with green tea, will give the plus of being a great antioxidant that will prevent long-term wrinkles


The omega3 present in tuna, salmon, sardines, herring, cod, lobsters or crabs will provide a protective and immunological barrier to our skin, as well as reducing skin aging, keeping our skin youthful


This food is composed almost entirely of water, in addition to having high levels of lycopene, which turns out to be a great antioxidant, and let’s not forget its high content of vitamin C


Fruits such as blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and red apples are also rich in vitamin C, which increases the absorption of collagen in the skin and in winter is a great ally for its ability to transmit melanin and properly distribute the pigment in the skin .


In addition to having a high content of fiber and vitamin C, its content in beta carotene will help keep the skin’s membranes healthy, it also reduces the sensitivity and gives a natural shine to the skin.

Finally, the specialist tells us that, to detect the involvement in our skin, the first sign is dryness and itching, so forget about scratching, if you want to avoid irritating the skin and cause the appearance of scabs or some cracks and fissures.



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