Home Health 5 foods you should avoid after going to the gym

5 foods you should avoid after going to the gym

5 foods you should avoid after going to the gym
5 foods you should avoid after going to the gym

Thinking of rewarding you for a good workout with a bucket of chips and burgers full of bacon and cheese? Think twice. What you eat after training may be the most important meal of the entire day. It is essential that you know the  foods you should avoid after going to the gym to avoid wasting all the effort and energy invested in training.

Your body stores excess energy in the form of glycogen and protein. When you exercise, your body takes energy from the last you’ve eaten, and that’s where the release of stored glycogen begins. Your muscles begin to use protein to rebuild after a few hours of exercise  and recover after intense training, but your body is especially good at absorbing carbohydrates and proteins within 45 minutes after training.

To get better results you will have to pay close attention to your diet as an athlete. Find out what  foods you should avoid after exercising,  either at home or at the gym.

What foods should you avoid after exercising?

In addition to knowing what you should eat on the way to the gym, below we will show you what foods you should avoid after going to the gym  so you can improve your performance and control your weight day by day:

Fat meals

Foods high in fat, whether from healthy sources or junk food, are not ideal for eating after training. Consuming fats after exercise slows down the digestion process. We need 9 grams of energy for the body to digest a gram of fat, so by slowing down the rate of digestion you are not doing good to your body when the goal is to accelerate the metabolism.


Consuming protein after training is good, but not if accompanied by a high level of fat. Nuts and peanuts are good options to snack on, but due to the digestive slowdown described above, you should avoid nuts after the gym.

Red meat

A workout followed by a good meal is a great idea, but although you may think that you have won a plate of bacon or sausage, many personal trainers and fitness experts advocate avoiding the consumption of red meat after exercise. The saturated fats contained in red meat reduce metabolic function and, in addition, affect learning and memory.


Many people drink coffee after a morning workout, but different experts in personal training discourage this practice. After exercising, the body is dehydrated, and drinking something like coffee can dehydrate even more.  According to these tips to control hunger after exercise, remember to drink water during the course of training to promote rapid hydration of your body, and also at the end. Likewise, consuming alcohol after training has the same adverse effects.

Smoothies and sodas

A workout and a smoothie can sound healthy, right? According to the most experienced coaches and athletes, it’s not a good idea. Of course, some smoothies are ideal for you after a workout, one full of fiber and protein to recover your energy and replenish the lost vitamins and minerals. In fact, a protein shake is part of that group of foods that you can eat to gain muscle after training. However, some people are mistaken for smoothies or smoothies and take the well-known smoothies that usually have double the calories they have managed to burn in the gym.

Do you have more questions about what to eat after exercising? Remember to  consult with the doctor or nutritionist any questions you have about your diet when playing sports.


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