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5 good practices for facial health

In addition to removing make-up and removing impurities from the face every night, hydration is also essential, both internally and externally, to show off a healthy and radiant complexion

5 good practices for facial health

The face is one of the most delicate areas of the body, not only because of exposure to toxins and other impurities, but because of the thinness of the skin tissues.

So, you should be given different care.

Health is not the only important factor regarding the face. With regard to this, the aesthetic becomes quite relevant. In short, the ideal is to maintain a balance between both aspects.

In order to keep the skin of the face in good condition, a series of practices are needed, in addition to discipline and knowledge. Although these words are a bit complex, it’s nothing to worry about.

With discipline, reference is made to perseverance, that is, to generate a healthy habit. Faced with knowledge, the objective is not to ignore the benefits and negative points of each practice.

In that order of ideas we will expose a series of useful and easy exercises to include in the routine to protect the face.

1. Drink water

Within the habits and healthy lifestyles, water consumption stands out. This is one of the most recommended in order to keep hydration rates within normal.

With respect to the protection of the face, ingesting water plays a fundamental role, given that its antioxidant function is responsible for releasing the skin tissue of impurities and any type of toxins.

In addition to the above, hydration provides a great image to the skin in general. By consuming at least 8 glasses of water a day we will achieve an extra shine, softness and vitality.

2. Avoid sleeping makeup

There are errors that become, little by little, harmful habits for the health of the organism. One of them is the improper use of makeup.

The above refers to unnecessary times for the use of cosmetics. The clearest example is going to sleep without removing makeup.

The skin takes advantage of the night period to repair itself. In addition, cellular respiration increases considerably.

In this way, not removing makeup from the face causes infections or other types of problems.

In general terms, the particles of cosmetic products tend to lodge in the pores, and can cause, in most cases, acne and other imperfections.

3. Use sunscreen

Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun affect the skin, as long as exposure to it occurs for a long time.

Sun protection products are recommended in order to protect the face, to avoid excessive sun damage. So, this should be a regular practice within beauty rituals.

If the protector is used regularly and appropriately, the likelihood of suffering from blemishes, burns, wrinkles and even cancer is considerably reduced.

4. Improve feeding

As well as drinking water, eating healthy is one of the fundamental practices in terms of healthy habits and lifestyles.

Eating healthy and balanced products contributes to the conservation of various organs, as well as the skin.

The best option to protect the skin of the face is fruits and vegetables. These should always be the basis of a balanced diet.
This type of food provides antioxidant and moisturizing components, which favor the skin tissue.
We must also avoid the consumption of synthetic foods, sausages and soft drinks.
As much as possible, we should make a minimum of 4 main intakes per day.

5. Rest properly

Rest periods are very important for the health of the organism. While it is carried out the cells are responsible for regenerating and removing foreign elements.

However, the most adequate rest period occurs at night. When the person is sleeping rests and improves cellular aspects, such as the skin.

Rest is not only a healthy practice, but it generates pleasure. Therefore, it is a very comfortable way to help the skin tissue.

During this the face gets rid of toxic and strange substances and, in turn, renews the tissues and improves the appearance of it.

The main objective focuses on rest, at least, 8 hours at night. If this is fulfilled, the following day can mean a different face.


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