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5 negative effects of eating at night

5 negative effects of eating at night
Know what are the negative effects of eating at night.

The current lifestyle coupled with long working hours condition numerous people to take their last meals after 10 o’clock at night. If it is your case, knowing more about the negative effects of eating at night could help you improve your habits and feel better.

Hiromi Shinya , author of The prodigious enzyme recommends dinner for three to five hours of sleep . If you tend to sleep at 24:00, then “you should” take your last food around 7:00 pm so as not to alter the metabolic and digestive work.

5 negative effects of eating at night

1. Heartburn. Lying down after dinner may cause the acids of the stomach rise into the esophagus and thus a feeling of burning in the throat or chest. This happens mostly with highly greasy, spicy, spicy or acidic foods. In this regard, Timothy Morgenthaler, Mayo Clinic sleep specialist, suggests abstaining from these types of meals at night.

2. It affects the metabolic cycle. While sleeping, it is more difficult for the body to metabolize food. This favors weight gain and diseases such as type 2 diabetesgastrointestinal problems and even depression, explains an article published in TheScientist magazine.

3. Get up to go to the bathroom. When you dine late, the need for urination and excretion increases. This will make you wake up at dawn to go to the bathroom. Remember that the food will be digested during your sleep. The recommendation is that if you eat too late opt for foods rich in fiber since your body takes time to process them.

4. Poor quality of sleep. Rosa Iselda Yáñez Neri, coordinator of Nutrition and Dietetics of the IMSS of Jalisco, affirms that the type of food that you eat and the time in which you drink directly influences the quality of sleep.

Recommend avoiding large amounts of carbohydrates, fats, condiments and sugars. In addition to meat, chocolate and coffee sodas because they alter the sleep cycle. Opt for light meals such as fruit, tea and milk, as well as hot or warm foods for its relaxing effect.

5. Diseases of the heart. After some years of research, Eric Rimm, associate professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School at Harvard, explains that men who eat late often increase the chances of developing heart disease by up to 55% . Recommend to take care of eating habits to reduce the risk of coronary diseases, for example, reduce the consumption of foods high in sodium.

Specialists agree that “there is nothing wrong with eating at night” as long as they are light foods, which complement the recommended daily calories and do it at least three hours before going to sleep. Do you usually do it like this?


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