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5 reasons to learn English and grow professionally

It is the second most spoken language in the world and is a useful tool for conducting a master's degree

5 reasons to learn English and grow professionally
5 reasons to learn English and grow professionally

The competitiveness of countries, cities and sectors depends to a large extent on their ability to attract and retain talent and investment. In this sense, one of the main challenges of developing countries, such as Mexico, is to generate the right conditions to meet the demands of the global economy, such as having infrastructure, technology, connectivity, innovation, access to information and international talent.

With a quarter of the population of the world that speaks it, English occupies in the present a privileged place in the world of business, technology, science, research and journalism; this makes English speakers an authentic community of knowledge and exchange of ideas.

That is why the mastery of this language is a key factor to improve the capacity of Mexican companies, as well as being an engine of social mobility.

Keri Craig, director of the Teaching Center of the British Council in Mexico, shares five reasons why learning English is a determining factor for professional growth:

1) It is the global language of business: most transnational companies require some level of understanding of the language, in addition to the local language where they operate. In addition, it is the working language of organizations such as the United Nations, the World Bank, NATO or the OECD, to name a few. According to a survey conducted by the Intelligence Unit of The Economist, 70% of executives of companies around the world said that the use of English is an essential requirement to climb positions in their companies.

2) Their domain has employability and salary implications: with the growing establishment of transnationals in the country, the demand for oral and written English skills increases.

In the Mexican Republic, 85% of vacancies exposed on job boards online do not request knowledge of English, but these offers are for positions that do not require specialization or studies and for which they offer low salaries; while 75% of senior management jobs require English proficiency.

3) It is the second most spoken language in the world: Mandarin Chinese has the most speakers, but English has a greater global impact, since it is the de facto language used by people of different nationalities to communicate. In countries like India, where 780 different languages ​​are spoken, English has become a tool of invaluable sociabilization.

4) It is a useful tool to carry out master’s or doctorate studies abroad: more and more universities have curricula in English, in particular for Business Masters. In addition, much of the scientific and research publications are in this language, as well as about 50% of all existing portals on the Internet. That is why mastering it allows access to a number of information of great use for academic life.

5) Work and live outside of Mexico: some of the markets with the greatest opportunities for professional growth such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or New Zealand are English-speaking countries. While it is necessary to know the requirements that each nation requests from their migration departments, language proficiency is crucial to obtain residence and work permits.

In addition to this, it is necessary to learn about the skills required for the position to which you are applying and thus be able to acquire or improve them.


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