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5 sexual positions to reach more intense orgasms

5 sexual positions to reach more intense orgasms
5 sexual positions to reach more intense orgasms

They say that the orgasm belongs to those who work it, so we suggest you “do the work” first thinking about pleasing yourself because only then can you provide pleasure to your partner. Here we explain how:

Sexual positions to reach intense orgasms

As you’ve probably already read, a very high percentage of women can not reach orgasm just because of penetration. If the clitoris does not participate, you will struggle a little more to reach the climax. That’s why we recommend you these 5 postures that, although they are not necessarily the most daring ones, will surely make you see stars.

1. As a missionary

This is the favorite of many girls for two reasons: the closeness with your boy that gives you a lot of intimacy and the rubbing of his pubis against your clitoris. It is one of the classics that work best.

2. The butterfly

If you sit on your boy without him going to bed you have the advantage of closeness as well as in the missionary position but much more rubbing with the clitoris. In addition, this posture allows you to rotate your hips to increase friction.

3. The X

With your boy lying on his side, lie on his back and pass your legs over his hip. Why is this position good? Because your  clitoris is just right at hand. Even you can stimulate yourself!

4. Coital Alignment

This position by psychotherapist Edward Eichel and is one of the safest ways to reach orgasm. Start as a missionary but ask your boy that, once he penetrates you, do a little upwards, so that your head is closer to his chest and his pubis press harder your clitoris. Your legs should go around your thighs (not your hip). This position is not to enter and leave forcefully, but so that the two move from side to side.

5. Ankles up

Try this position that allows you better penetration. Rest your ankles on your boy’s shoulders so that you expose a larger part of your vulva. Thus the penetration will be deeper and possibly more pleasant.


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