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5 Signs that you are in a one-way relationship

It is true that love makes us blind and that sometimes opening our eyes can be a titanic task. But let's not forget that a relationship means first of all that two parties come together to love each other. If only one of the parties wants to be in the relationship, it is a one-way relationship. Here 5 signs to know if it is your case.

black people on a date
black people on a date

Love is not always reciprocal and sometimes it happens that there are great imbalances in a couple. One of the two is more in love than the other and therefore creates a relationship in which one party takes advantage of the other. Although at some point this may work the truth is that the future of such a relationship has its days numbered.

Discover the 5 signs that that person does not belong here and put an end to that relationship that makes you so much and will make you suffer and that is not worth it.

Are you in love alone? The top 5 of the signs that it is like this

1. You can not communicate with him / her

It does not give you news, it does not send you messages for several days. You write to him and you call him and he does not answer. When this person finally decides to communicate with you, he always has a good excuse why he did not appear before. Excuse that you must accept since the person is easily offended if you refute him. In other words, you must always be at your disposal or you never see him.

2. Always write you before

All the initiatives come from your side, you are always the one who initiates the movement. You send messages, you call, you invite… It seems that the other person is never too hasty to see you.

3. You always apologize first

Regardless of whether it is you or the other person, the reason why the conflict begins is always you who apologizes. The other person has nothing to apologize for unless you admit it’s your fault. He does not have any fear, he knows that you will always be there and this shows that you are more interested in him than in this relationship.

4. It leaves you planted more than once

The other person always comes with very good excuses for those who finally can not go with you to the concert / party / outing or for what they can not take / accompany / visit. No matter if it is 5 min before, if you already had the snacks ready and you were making the line to enter… It is a total lack of respect but you let it happen and you believe it once more…

5- You do everything for that person…

…but the gestures are never returned! You accompany him to visit his grandmother and you even bring a cake. You talk football with your mother, even if it bores you. Help to cook and fix the house after the meal. You invite your friends and treat them like kings, but … when you want this person to do the same for you, it is best if you wait while sitting down. The only thing you receive from your side is thanks for your gestures but never a gesture to show affection towards you.

If you identify with more than 3 of these situations, do not think about it anymore you are in a one-way relationship. Go running, it’s not worth it!

How to get free?

While it is true that sometimes you have to make an effort to get the desired result, it is very good to show your feelings, the truth is that if the other person is capable of making you so much, it is not worth insisting . Below our tips to free yourself.

# 1 Cut the bridges,

This means not writing, not calling, not proposing and not leaving aside the rest of your life to go out with this person.

# 2 Salt,

The best way to realize that there is something better for you is to leave. Know and make yourself known, do not lock yourself in something that does not make sense. Your soul mate awaits you, do not lose hope.

# 3 Ask for advice,

but not to that friend who has a thousand boyfriends and does not achieve anything serious. Seek the advice of someone you admire for having a beautiful story. That you know that he appreciates you and wishes you the best. Your advice will be very helpful.


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