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5 things to know about Motörhead

The last original member of the group, Eddie Clark, passed away

Motorhead iron horse
Motörhead’s founding members Lemmy Kilmister, Eddie Clark and Phil Taylor are all dead.

A little more than two years after the death of Phil Taylor and Lemmy Kilmister, Motörhead’s fans are mourning again. This time, the shock is even greater than with the death of “Fast” Eddie Clark, it is all the classic alignment of the heavy metal band that has now spent the weapon on the left. Here are five things to know about Motörhead.

1- First successes

It was with his second album, Overkill, released in 1979, that Motörhead had his first real success. But the group reaches its cruising speed the following year with the album Ace of Spades, acclaimed by critics. The title track is considered Motörhead’s emblem.

2- The excesses

Motörhead has not only been a musical influence. Better than anyone, Lemmy embodied the excesses of rock. It is said that he was gobbling up a bottle of Jack Daniels a day (he later changed to vodka), smoked like a chimney, stuffed himself with speed and thought he had slept with more than a thousand women.

3- 22 albums

Despite the excesses of Lemmy, Motörhead has had a long life. The group, then formed of Kilmister, Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee, even launched his 22nd album, Bad Magic, August 28, 2015. This will be his last since after the death of Lemmy, four months later, the training was dissolved.

4- The beginnings

Lemmy was playing with the Hawkwind group when he was deported in the mid-1970s after being arrested in Canada in possession of drugs. Not discouraged, he decided to form another band and he gave him the name Motörhead, also the title of the last song he composed for Hawkwind. Initially, Kilmister teamed up with Larry Wallis and Lucas Fox, quickly replaced by Taylor and Clark.

5- Influential

It is often said that without Motörhead, there would have been no heavy metal. Highly influential, the British band paved the way for the Metallica, Slayer and all the other metal giants who appeared in the 1980s. In 1995, Metallica had even performed a concert as a tribute band to Motörhead’s famous Whiskey A Go Go from Los Angeles, members of the group even pushing the game to disguise themselves as Lemmy.



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