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5 tips for your sexual health

making love in the night
making love in the night

A healthy life is achieved through habits that always lead you to your physicalmental and emotional well-being. The sexuality is an integral part of a good quality of life.

A good sexual habit is that practice that protects you and your partner from an undesirable consequence in the future because of a non-responsible sexual relationship.  In addition, they are all those actions that together help you to enjoy sex in an integral way.

We give you some tips that will help you lead a full and satisfying sex life:

1. Learn to know you. The sexuality is, above all, personal. Learn to see yourself naked, to know the shapes of your body and how it reacts to different caresses. In this way you can reach the sexual relationship as a couple with more confidence and a greater willingness to enjoy. You will feel less inhibited.

2. Set limits. Remember that the sexuality of a couple is a matter of two. It is not only please the desires of another person or themselves. First recognize your limits and then learn to mark them so you do not feel that you are doing something because of pressure from your partner or something you are not completely sure of.

3. Learn. Continue educating yourself on sexuality issues, this will  not only give you ideas to enjoy sex , but also a feeling of confidence and security to know what you want and can do in bed.

4. Commitment. The fidelity is a good sexual habits to reduce the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD);  The emotional connection you achieve with your partner is much greater in this way. Enjoy your relationships with more serenity and create complicity between the two, this will take them to bed with greater confidence, emotion and peace.

5. Exercise. In addition to giving you an incomparable sense of well – being, you will have better breathing capacity , greater  physical endurance, more energy and energy , elements that serve you well in bed . On the other hand, it will help you to reach adulthood in a better way and to deal better with the hormonal changes that your body will experience during this moment.

With these tips, in addition to always having a proper intimate hygiene, as well as never forget the condom and practice double protection with other  contraceptive methods, you can fully enjoy your sexuality and that of your partner.


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