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5 tips to keep you slim when eating

5 tips to keep you slim when eating
Look thin with applications

For some people staying at a healthy weight can be synonymous with sacrifice; However, by following the following tips you can look slim and sensual while still enjoying your food because of the diet.

Eat correctly and without remorse!

Sometimes because of the pace in which we live we have to alter our eating habits, which means eating fast, standing or next to the computer; with these actions you do not enjoy your food and it is not digested correctly. To avoid these situations and look thin, we give you the following tips:

1.- Salvation snack: The nutrition specialists recommend to make five meals a day to have an excellent digestion and stay slim. So it includes three complete foods (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two snacks that can be some pieces of nuts or fruit.

These snacks will prevent you from falling for the temptation of sweets, bread or foods rich in calories or carbohydrates. They also prevent binge eating.

2.- Conscious nutrition: It means that you must feed physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. With meditation you can feel your body to learn to identify your nutritional needs. The experts Dhyan Gulistan and Nirdosh Eidels explain how to carry it out:

3.- Applications: To keep you slim you can use technology. You just have to download some applications on your computer or smartphone to count the calories and choose a healthy menu.

the best applications to lose weight are Emagrecendo, Calorie Counter, Noom Weigth Loss, Frusco, Smart Diet Free, Skimble, Lose it, Daily Burn and GoodForNearYou.

4.- Share: Avoid eating carbohydrates throughout the day, since the intake of these is only recommended at breakfast or lunch and in small portions. If you feel craving for some cake, candy or any dessert full of calories. Enjoy it in the company of a group of people and share it with everyone, so you will only eat a tiny part.

5.- Forget the diet: This does not mean that you leave your effort aside. You just have to stop thinking about the forbidden foods and avoid that food becomes your main topic of conversation. Choose healthy foods that are pleasing to you and that are free of saturated fats.

Remember that to look thin you should drink a glass of water before eating any food, so that your metabolism is activated and you feel satisfied faster.

Do not forget to do some physical activity that prevents sedentary lifestyle, whether walking when you go to work, after lunch or in the afternoon to breathe fresh air and eliminate stress. Learn more foods that will help keep you slim and you, what eating habits do you put into practice to keep you slim?


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