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5 Tricks to Avoid Falling Hair in Autumn


You may have noticed, autumn has made your hair lose its density. But, a priori, do not be alarmed, because it is the season in which our spirit and our body undergo more changes and among them, there is the renewing hair. In bed, after each shower or brushing we will see more hairs than in summer, but this process is necessary to change them and make way for new ones.

This is because this is the season in which the hair most regenerates and, on the other hand, after the summer, agents like chlorine or the sun also make a dent in it. It should be clear that this is not a hair loss, but a step to the new. But, to avoid that it falls more than the account we must make that the follicle does not weaken, since a weak follicle prevents that the nutrients pass to the rest of the hair, causing the irremediable fall. To do this we must follow the basic routines of hair care and a conscious diet full of vitamins and proteins to promote growth and bulkiness. And also test these 5 tips that will help us reduce the accused hair loss of this season:

1. Do not rub too much.

When we wash our hair we must apply the shampoo with gentle massages, which are not too aggressive, as extreme friction causes damage to the structure of the fibers. It makes a gentle massage and delicate to apply the shampoo. It will also help you relax.

2. The water is not too hot.

If our passion is showers with almost boiling water, you should avoid it. A warm shower is better because it will cause less damage to the scalp and will avoid destroying the protective layer that it creates. You will also get more shine in the final result.

3. Brushing is very important.

The comb with which we untangle the hair is crucial in the care of our hair. That is why this instrument must be of quality to avoid breaking more hair fibers than due. In addition, the act of brushing should begin first by the tips and then, means and root. Otherwise the knots can be dangerous.

4. Prevent dryers or gadgets that damage it to excess.

Wet hair is the most fragile so we should not use too much hair or iron when wet. It is better to dry it in the air or at least not to use temperatures or brushes that crush it more.

5. Help yourself with specific treatments.

Use anti-shrinking or strengthening shampoos so your beautiful mane is not too affected by the ravages of autumn. You will see how by following these useful tips, your hair will shine and you do not have to resort to cutting it by the healthy this fall.


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