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6 keys to make your business stand out on the internet

Geeta Sidhu-Robb is the founder of Nosh Detox and says he used bloggers to promote their brand in search engine results.

The digital world is highly competitive. CNY internet business needs to have good tools and techniques to highlight it.

The BBC spoke with entrepreneurs who are successful on the Internet about what their tricks are for the business to prosper. Take note.

1. Use bloggers to position yourself on Google

Geeta Sidhu-Robb is the founder of Nosh Detox, a brand of juices and healthy food at home. He used social media widely to promote his business long before it became fashionable.

In fact, it started 10 years ago.

With a tight budget and the need to convince a skeptical public, it was gaining power and he did it by contacting bloggers to publicize his diet and personal welfare products.

“The detox diets based on juices did not really exist in the UK at that time,” he tells the BBC the ex-wife and mother of three. “Some people even thought it was something that could kill you.”

Collaborations with bloggers can increase your business without having to pay for it.

“We could not afford to hire a public relations agency or expensive advertising campaigns, so we talked to almost everyone who had an online presence and we persuaded them to take pictures, record us on YouTube and write about us,” says the businesswoman.

The bloggers included a link to their website, sometimes in exchange for some products of the brand, admits Sidhu-Robb. That helped drive the business to the top of Internet searches, without having to pay for it.

After that, he billed more than US $ 2.5 million, achieved several Hollywood celebrities among his list of clients and successes in other countries, such as Russia and Australia.

2. Find your best “influencer”

Marketing through social networks has become a business in itself.

Comfortable and economical, with the potential to reach large audiences, internet platforms have surpassed all other media, explains the US consultancy BIA Kelsey.

Isabelle Ohnemus believes that finding the right “influencer” is vital to succeed on the Internet.

Isabelle Ohnemus, working in investment banking, has a lot of experience in the use of “influencers” to promote EyeFitU, her fashion company based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Your company is dedicated to solving problems of inconsistencies with the size of different fashion brands.

She usually contacts young women with a lot of presence on the internet, whom she uses as “brand ambassadors” to talk about her signature to her followers on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook.

3. Sometimes, less is more

Some major brands usually pay large amounts of up to $ 30,000 to the “influencers” for a single post or publication. But small companies with more modest budgets can also act.

“You tend to use bloggers on a smaller scale, rather than those with millions of followers,” Ohnemus tells the BBC.

It is the quality of the followers, and not quantity that counts.

Having millions of followers is not more important than having quality followers.

People who trust their “influencer” are more likely to buy the products of the brand that it promotes, says the entrepreneur.

4. Know your client through SEO

One of the main advantages of online business is that it is possible to collect a lot of information about customers.

You can find out, what are the words that people search the network to find your business, which images provoke more reactions and what kind of web content they share on their platforms and social networks.

All this helps define and focus your marketing efforts.

Free monitoring tools such as BuzzSumo and Metrixapp , as well as Google Analytics , are a great help for businesses large and small.

SEO tools are important to know what words and images Internet users look for and achieve prominence.

Vikas Shah, guest professor of entrepreneurship at the Sloan School of Management and Business Management at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA), says that “you can start using free SEO tools (SEO is the positioning in searchers)”.

5. Act quickly

Gourmet Meat Club, an online meat supplier in the United Kingdom, is among 54% of websites worldwide that use Google Analytics to better understand their customers.

Recent analyzes of that company revealed that Android mobile users visit more web pages than Apple phones, and images of cooked food generate more visits in digital campaigns than those of raw ingredients.

In addition, the technology allows tracking food searches which gave Gourmet Meat Club the opportunity to create content based on trends.

The Gourmet Meat Club company found out that images of cooked food are more popular on the net than those of raw ingredients and used that information to advertise on the networks.

“It is crucial to act quickly,” says Stuart Cordingley, CEO of the brand, to the BBC.

The manager says that it is necessary to “find out which are the most popular searches as soon as they are available to anticipate the competition and be present where the public is discussing their favorite culinary themes”.

6. Create community in social networks

Updated content is sent to journalists and shared on the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Create community in social networks

Digital marketing specialist Andy Barr says that’s an example of how online businesses are increasingly transforming into communities on social media.

The key is to create content that positions them as authorities on particular issues. But he also advises to contribute this approach through advertising on social networks.

“As a rule of thumb, it’s worth investing between 7% and 12% of total monthly income or income for social media promotion to get the best results.”


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