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6 small changes in your daily work that will give you a promotion

It is worth considering that making certain changes, however minor they may seem, can help you achieve any goal you set for yourself.

Richard Moy, career counselor, explains in The Muse that there are some tasks that, however small they may seem, can have an important impact in a certain time.

Here we mention six small actions that can have a great impact on your professional life:

1. Record your achievements

Although the successes can be easy to remember, it is worthwhile to write in detail each one of those moments that will be worth mentioning in your CV or in your LinkedIn profile, even if you are not looking for a job.

This type of information could be very useful when looking for any salary increase, negotiate a promotion or new responsibilities in your current job.

Also, be aware of documenting these achievements, it can help you keep your data updated if you need to send your resume, if a good opportunity presents itself.

2. Improve your writing

Although writing not that essential part of your work, improving your writing skills can help you in your career.

No matter what kind of work you have, practicing will give you more security if you need to write an important e-mail, create presentations or create more clear, concrete and understandable reports; and in turn call the attention of your colleagues and superiors.

3. Investigate about the company where you work

Companies are constantly evolving, and although you may be very involved in your job, it’s worth updating yourself on the projects your company is working on; your interests, needs, and even how you are facing your competitors.

You can start by just reviewing the company’s website, especially the “about us” section or the products and pages it offers. This will allow you to identify areas of opportunity, as well as the people involved in the various areas.

This will help you to better understand the needs of the company, what is needed and you can offer or propose.

4. Meet people from other areas

Being friendly with members of other areas of the place where you work can help you find new job opportunities, other projects or learn new skills.

You do not need to be “the soul of the party” to engage in a cordial conversation with a partner, it is about putting your networking skills into practice to better know those around you and the company where you work.

5. Use your free time to learn something new

If you have 10 free minutes every day, instead of checking your Facebook account, you can take advantage of a free online course or watch TED Talk videos; where they talk about a topic of interest that allows you to deepen and learn more, whether it’s about the industry where you work or a new skill you want to acquire.

6. Invite a coffee to a leader or someone you admire from your office

Having the right guidance, or someone from whom you can learn from their experiences and achievements, can help you to have more clarity on what aspects to improve your professional development and, why not, even achieve a promotion.

Dare to invite a manager or co-worker who stands out for his leadership, so you can ‘steal’ him for a few minutes, and extract some other good idea from his brilliant mind.


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