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64GB cards for Nintendo Switch, until 2019

Nintendo switch game disc

Nintendo has returned as great as it is with its Nintendo Switch, which has managed to win the hearts (and the wallet) of the most fans of the great “N” and more casual gamers.

Its success is due to two factors: on the one hand, it is a hybrid console that can be connected to the TV or taken practically anywhere; on the other, their titles do not come on discs, but on memory cards.

Special mention deserves the quality of its library, which include the acclaimed Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild , the latter with the title of the best game of the year.

But not everything is hunky with flakes. Nintendo announced that, due to technical difficulties, it will be until the second half of 2019 when it will make available 64GB capacity game cards, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The current cards have a capacity of 32GB of storage (the most popular titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild or Super Mario Odyssey do not exceed 16GB), so some developers will be left wanting to get on the Switch train at least one more year.

However, that does not concern the Japanese company, as its console has just reached the figure of 3 million 178 thousand 100 units sold in Japan (269 thousand 684 placed between December 18 and 24).

According to Nintendo, until December 12, he had managed to sell more than 10 million switches around the world. The company expects the demand for its system to increase next January.


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