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7 foods that reduce your dark circles

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Cucumber, whole milk and flaxseed are some of the foods that reduce dark circles naturally.

One of the most delicate areas of the skin is undoubtedly the one found in the eye area; Being thin and thin, she suffers from one of the most uncomfortable problems: dark circles. There are several treatments to combat them, it is best to include in your diet some foods that reduce dark circles naturally.

The causes of dark circles are very diverse, according to the plastic surgeon Michael Bermant, there are factors such as diseases of obesity, allergies, aging processes that generate them. It is also known that not sleeping properly and even genetic issues are related to this problem.

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Regardless of the cause for which you suffer, there are different options that can be implemented to reduce dark circles. As in several diseases, the foods you eat can be of great help to improve.

Alienture shares 7 foods that added to your daily diet or used externally will make you notice a significant improvement.

1.- Cucumber. Beyond having a refreshing effect, cucumber is an excellent source of vitamin K, which serves as an anti-inflammatory and anti- hemorrhagic. But do not just stay with its use as a mask, consume it in salads or waters so that its benefits are generated from within.

2.- Whole milk. This food because of the natural fat it contains provides softness and hydration to the skin. In addition to drinking it, you can apply a little of the cold liquid directly on the outside with cotton balls, let stand 15 minutes and rinse.

3.- Egg whites. This is for direct application, eating them may be unattractive. Beat two whites very well and place, once they are about to “snow”, with the help of a brush on the skin under the eyes, rinse with water after 15 minutes.

4.- Flaxseed. These small seeds have rejuvenating antioxidants, minerals such as iron, calcium, copper, phosphorus, potassium, in addition to abundant vitamin E; that combined will make your body reflect beauty in different areas.

To reduce the appearance of dark circles we recommend that you boil two teaspoons of flaxseed and once you have cooled the area for half an hour, rinse with warm water and go.

5.- Avocado. For its high content of vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, consuming this fruit will help you not only to fight dark circles from within, making your skin look radiant, you will also get benefits against diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cholesterol.

6.- Green tea. According to Dr.  Mehmet Oz, a dermatologist cited at ehowenespanol.com, this tea contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which works as a powerful anti-inflammatory.

For this reason, if you gently massage your eyes with a bag of green tea for about 4 minutes, you will help reduce the inflammation caused by dermatitis or allergies.

7.- Fruits. A study from the University of Los Angeles, California, found that consuming apples and oranges can help to disappear dark circles in a very short time, because they contain vitamin C help the body to cell regeneration.

In addition to good nutrition experts recommend sleeping properly, doing so for less than six hours could be causing this problem. If these foods that reduce dark circles do not change, go to the doctor to rule out more serious conditions.


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