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7 techniques to memorize what you want, according to experts

Today we bring you a prized list of memory techniques endorsed by generations of scientists and used by millions of people around the world to store information in their heads.


Do you dream of having an excellent memory to apply it to your day to day? When it comes to studying for an exam, preparing an opposition, remembering the quarterly results and growth projections to face a meeting or go to the supermarket with all the products you need in your head, the ability to memorize is an essential ally.

To have a good memory, it is necessary, as with any muscle or skill, to exercise it frequently. In addition, proper rest, certain foods and nutrients and a series of tactics or strategies contribute to improving this cognitive function, whose training is key to delay aging and the onset of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

From QuickQuid they have shared a practical and valuable infographic designed to illustrate some of the best techniques that memory experts have devised to make important information easy to memorize, store and remember. Since not everyone learns in the same way, you can find the strategy that best suits your abilities.

You will find some immemorial techniques, such as the loci method, which goes back to the Greco-Roman civilization and which alludes to the word “places” in Latin. Also known as “the palace of memory”, it allows you to visualize the elements you want to remember in separate rooms in a sequence. When you want to recover the memory you simply have to trace the route back through the chosen place.

Another method that has been scientifically proven to improve your memory is writing things, so it is one of the most common study tactics in education: the physical process of moving your hand to write activates the reticular activation system (RAC) , a group of cells at the base of the brain that induce him to pay more attention to the task at hand. It is especially advisable to learn the vocabulary of a new language, for example, transcribing the translation into cards that you can review on a regular basis.

On the other hand, there are more pictorial techniques such as linking, consisting of generating an interesting and memorable image that is associated with what you want to remember . You can try to create a story with each of them, something that can help you remember the shopping list or a list of guests. Another very famous is the mnemonic rule of inventing acronyms to memorize a group of words-very useful for exams-. To remember numbers by series, cutting them is the tactic that guarantees success.

Using and constantly improving the chosen method among those listed in the following infographic will improve your memory powers, giving you an excellent tool to use in both professional and personal situations.

7 techniques to memorize what you want, according to experts


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