Home Health 70 things that we all think when we get up early

70 things that we all think when we get up early

70 things that we all think when we get up early
Waking Life

There are people who do not like too much to wake up at six in the morning, you know why. The normal thing is that the average hominid prefers to stay frolicking in the bed for hours. We spent nine months resting intrauterine, and that, I say, will influence. Science has taken up the matter. Some studies proclaim that getting up early is beneficial, it produces a feeling of well-being, more positivism and even if you practice sports at those ungodly hours you burn more calories than the average. Other studies proclaim the opposite: not getting up early reduces stress or helps you to be more focused.

In this life there are things that cause deep sadness. There is, for example, the not daring to declare your feelings to someone and thus lose him, leopard leggings or give like your own social network statuses, but there is nothing sadder than early . Because there is no such violent act in the world as leaving the Nordic and facing life. The bed is your fortified point, your bastion. The routine is waiting for you outside, putting the coffee machine. That they take you away from your umbilical cord is an intolerable cruelty.

What goes through our heads when the sound of the alarm varies our circadian rhythm?

1. Body to Earth !, ATTACK US!, AMMUNITION!

2. Oh, no, it’s another day the alarm clock.

3. Five more minutitos.

4. Lazarus, get up and go. Five more minutes

5. Five more minutitos.

6. Five more minutitos.

7. Fifteen more minutes.

8. So this was maturing. Finish early rising more than my father.

9. “Madrugar” and “madurar” seem phonetically. Curious.

10. “Look son, all this you see will be some day early.”

11. Where did I leave my glasses yesterday?

12. I am the pride of the Monty Python.

13. At least I do not need my mother to wake me up anymore, I’m perfectly adult.

14. Except when I take those planes at six in the morning.

15. Well, and in some other important occasion.

16. I have got up so early that in the ‘Truman Show’ they are still riding the streets.

17. I have gotten up so early that the roosters are drinking milk with honey to get a voice.

18. The sheep continue counting Spaniards to sleep.

19. There are people coming back from the party and I start lots of carefree Papizza about my agony.

20. There is only heard, out there, the crack of asphalt and some ghost biker.

21. At this time there are not even jams to blame Manuela Carmona.


25. Lose the dream, unweave the intricate web of pain; the dream, rest from all fatigue; The sweetest food that is served at the table of life!

26. Neither Paulo Coelho has written anything mystical about the act of getting up early.

27. Not even your friend’s motivational phrases on Facebook.

28. The morning sun enters my face and a cool breeze helps me… CLOSE THAT!

29. To bless the inventor of the blinds you arrive the day you live abroad.

30. More than yawning I’m coming out of the egg.

31. I have communicated with Chewbacca through yawns and have turned five walruses.

32. Chebwbacca has better hair than me when I get up early.

33. I am yawning that turbines are installed on my legs.

34. Can one die while yawning?

35. As the psychologist Robert Provine said: “Yawning can have the dubious honor of being, among all the most common human behaviors, the least understood”.

36. Yawning should be considered good education. A deep yawn, with which you take life more than air, of those that let you recompose yourself as a piece of gelatin.

37. We yawn even before we are born. And there we did not know where we were going.

38. “I’m sorry for the yawns, I’m cooling my brain.”

39. Quiet, breathe, there are only ten hours left to nap.

40. Let’s see if I do not hate to get up early, what I detest is getting up early to go out on the street.

41. Getting up early, taking some toast and going back to sleep is a plan of the gods.

42. Early to drink. See, that’s fine.

43. Never trust someone who says “I get up before seven only if I do not have to get up early”, “I do not want to waste hours of the day sleeping”, “I hate to sleep”.

44. Hate to sleep… What will be next ?, Hate kittens ?, Hate cheese?

45. But how are we going to get up early if they play football at that time?

46. And the Jägermeister so in sight.

47. Getting up early and still at night should be prohibited by some government organization.

48. “Who gets up early helps God.” “Not much early rises earlier.” Nor sayings are clarified.

49. Come on, think of excuses not to go to work: I’ve been attacked by a flying octopus. I have a fever. My hamster has died. The risk premium has gone up. The washing machine is accumulating lime. I have the glass-ceramic plates lost of fat.

50. Morning opposition to mattress tester.

51. I have said that I am very up early. ARE YOU DEAF OR WHAT ?!


53. Let’s search Google for advice. “When you always get up at the same time, your body finally gets used to that habit.” LOOK, NO My body does not get used to that habit.

54. What if my mind is not connected to my body?

55. Calm down, you’re raving about the dream.

56. “If your schedule allows you, exercise early in the morning to activate your body.” DO NOT THREATEN ME.

57. I need a coffee, an activation protocol and a reactor.

58. I’ve put salt in the coffee.

59. Maybe I should put the sugar and salt in different cans.

60. I’ve thrown the spoon in the trash and I’ve kept the yogurt container.


62. Oh no, it’s the toaster that has jumped.

63. I’m not crying, something has gotten into my eye.

64. What if I get an allergy early?

65. No, seriously, I’m not crying. I love to get up early.

66. My pyloric valve is getting clogged.

67. I’m getting dizzy.

68. I feel a tingling in my legs.


70. One moment, tomorrow I do not get up early. What time will my neighbor start drilling? Will it be the one above or the one below? What nerves.


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