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9 ways to express yourself that will make you look smarter

9 ways to express yourself that will make you look smarter

There are many people in the world who seem so eloquent that it is easy to believe everything they say.

It does not matter how intelligent they are or even how real or convincing in an objective and strict sense their arguments are. They have a powerful secret that comes out every time they present an idea.

Guess what it is?

They know how to coordinate their verbal and nonverbal language with the purpose of persuading.

Below, we present 9 keys that these people know how to apply very well, according to Business Insider.

Well ‘right’, but relaxed

Who would you believe more ?, someone stooped or who stands up straight? The way you stand or feel says a lot about your safety, because it is the basis of what you say.

A declining position communicates a lack of confidence in yourself and in your words. But by standing still and relaxed at the same time you place yourself in a mental and physical state in which words flow (and others perceive you to be safe).

Your head, always up

The position of your head is as important as how right you are. Some proverbs support this idea: “keep your head up” is a symbol of pride and determination.

Focus on the others

How to make sure that others listen to you? Not only with speaking loud and clear you will get it. If you are thinking about something else or if your eyes wander all over the place, you will not get them to notice you.

The key is to see them directly and address them with all the attention you want to be provided.

Speak louder

This is obvious and, although we mentioned that not only talking loud and clear will you get attention, the truth is that if you do not do it, it will not do much to follow the previous keys to the letter.

Speak with a high enough voice so that people furthest away from you can hear, but not so loud that it is uncomfortable for those close to you.

If you’re not sure if the volume you use is right, ask someone in the back if they can hear you.

Of course, never raise your voice too much. Shouting makes you sound crazy instead of eloquent.

Emphasize what you say with appropriate gestures

Use your hands to emphasize the key points. The easiest way to learn this skill is to observe how celebrities and speakers use their hands and other gestures as they speak.

Observe how the movements of his hands seem to “illustrate” what his words say.

If you are not yet used to “talking” with your hands, keep them quiet. Try not to play with anything you have in them (lenses, papers, rings, etc.), because that can distract your interlocutors.

Position your body very well

Add power to your words by moving your body appropriately. For example, if you talk to a group from a stage, you can move from one point to another to indicate that you are presenting a new idea.

Similarly, when you are at a table, lean forward slightly when you want to emphasize a point.

Use words that everyone understands

The clichés, the crickets, the phrases made the dissertations are the opposite of eloquence. Use unexpected but common words or phrases that illustrate points in a memorable way.

Also avoid technical words or that your interlocutors can not understand. Using elegant words makes you sound like an arrogant and snobbish person, but not smart. If it is necessary to introduce an unknown or even technical term, define it in a simple language

Speak at different speeds

Speaking at a unique speed will only make your speech monotonous and the people who listen to you get bored. On the other hand, accelerating and decelerating, depending on the importance of what you communicate, will give you extra points.

Use pauses to create emphasis

It is not only about accelerating, slowing down or changing positions, it is also important to create silence to increase the tension, the emphasis and the eloquence of what you say.

A short pause before saying something important creates suspense and that will keep attentive to the people who listen to you.

Similarly, a pause after saying something important emphasizes what has already been said and gives listeners a moment to reflect.


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