Home News A 10-year-old kid fooled Face ID and unlocked his mother’s iPhone X

A 10-year-old kid fooled Face ID and unlocked his mother’s iPhone X

Face ID was known to have problems making the difference between two twin-born individuals. It is realized today that Apple's facial recognition technology also has trouble distinguishing members of the same family.

A 10-year-old kid fooled Face ID and unlocked his mother’s iPhone X

Certainly, the Face ID technology, inaugurated with the iPhone X, never stops to run the ink. After our test to prove that Apple’s facial recognition system handled twins badly, a new case of dysfunction is now around the Web: a 10-year-old boy managed to unlock the iPhone X from his mother.

Attaullah Malik, an employee of a computer company, reported the incident in detail in a LinkedIn post. “We were sitting in our bedroom and we had just set up the security systems when our son came in haste to see the new iPhone X. My wife immediately asked him not to touch him. Child can do it when asked not to do anything, he took the phone and accessed it at a glance, “he writes.

After a third scan in the semi-darkness, the iPhone X has opened again

Of course, even if the boy and his mother have many traits in common, Face ID is supposed to easily differentiate members of the same family. A journalist from Wired visited the Malik to replicate the experience and understand under what conditions Face ID could have been wrong at this point. It turns out that after a new scan of the mother’s face in good light conditions, the child was no longer able to access the phone. On the other hand, after reproducing the scan in the semi-darkness of the bedroom a third time, the iPhone X opened again.

A reliable tool… over time?

It is quite possible that the phone has not yet “had the time” to fully understand the subtleties of the face of its owner, who, when the flaw was discovered, had to operate for the first time the security settings to the glow of dim lamps. Nevertheless, Apple never said that for a better guarantee of safety, it was better to make sure to carry out its scans in good light conditions. On the other hand, the brand has already communicated that “undeveloped facial features” in children under 13 could cause problems with Face ID.

And let’s not forget that Apple says that Face ID is safer than Touch ID. We can now say that it is discussed.


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