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A mysterious compact Nokia phone appears in the FCC

A mysterious compact Nokia phone appears in the FCC
Nokia phone

Nokia has returned to Android in this 2017 with a series of devices that have covered all product ranges, from the basic Nokia 2 to Nokia 8, and with the Nokia 9, the flagship on the way. Now a mysterious Nokia mobile phone with a rather puzzling compact size has gone through the North American FCC certification.

One of the latest news that we have heard on the Nordic mobile phones has been in the Nokia 9, which could have an improved dual camera, compared to what we have seen in the Nokia 8, integrating a 2x zoom and wide angle between her CARACTERISTICS.

A bewildering Nokia mobile

Although it has not revealed technical characteristics, the passage of the Nokia TA-1047 by the North American FCC leaves more questions than anything else. It is a mobile from which we can only get an idea by the dimensions declared in the certification. In these we can see a mobile that is smaller than the Nokia 2, the most economical smartphone of the firm, and larger than the Nokia 3310, so we are certainly facing a phone quite strange to place within the range of Nokia.

Nokia mobile

The measures declared by this Nokia TA-1047 are 68 millimeters wide by 133 millimeters long, with a diagonal of 140 millimeters. While the Nokia 3310 of 2017 offers dimensions of 115.6 millimeters x 51 millimeters. The Nokia 2 offers dimensions of 143.5 millimeters by 71.3 millimeters, so this new terminal would be in an intermediate size of both models. Something that is even more disconcerting about the idea we could have about what Nokia would be preparing to launch soon.

Nokia mobile

In fact the new phone has connectivity 4G, Wifi or bluetooth, so it is also unclear if we are talking about a smartphone or one of those phones with keyboard in the style of the Nokia 3310 that has launched the signature in recent months, such as Nokia 150. In any case it seems that a new Nordic mobile is on the way, and that would be very close to being marketed if we consider the passage by the FCC. It is possible that both at the CES and the MWC 2018 we can hear about this new Nokia mobile just like the new Nokia 2018, which is expected to be presented in the next two months. We will see if this new model is only the new generation of one already known or otherwise a completely new terminal.


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