Home Technology A new version of the DJI Goggles helmet for drone pilots

A new version of the DJI Goggles helmet for drone pilots

DJI Goggles helmet

The drone races are now very real. There are organized championships a stink all over the planet. It is therefore not surprising to see some manufacturers offering products targeting this particular target. The Chinese drone manufacturer DJI is one of them and today offers a new version of the DJI Goggles.

The DJI Goggles helmet was launched last April. Resembling a virtual reality helmet, it allows the user to control his drone by moving his head. It can also offer a first-person vision, as if it were inside the drone.

If the DJI Goggles was offered for sale in white, the new version dedicated to drone racing and called DJI Goggles RE – for “racing edition” – is available in matte black, with red leather on the headband.

The DJI Goggles RE is also compatible with third-party drones as well as control levers such as Naze or F3. Features include video streaming with the OcuSync Video Transmission Module and panoramic Sphere vision.

Users can also connect two headsets together for another person to board, and take control if they wish. DJI will deliver the first units of its DJI Goggles RE in the coming days at the indicated price of $449.00.


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