Home News A New Zealander has created the first virtual political woman

A New Zealander has created the first virtual political woman


Have you ever felt abandoned by your political representatives? If you live in New Zealand, it may soon be ancient history. An entrepreneur has just created what must be the first politician robot in the world, able to answer hundreds of questions simultaneously. What make our policies obsolete?

Admittedly, artificial intelligence, answering to the name of SAM, cannot yet be elected and is not currently a member. But as Engadget explains, the chatbot is an experiment and it is possible to talk to him live on the Messenger application of Facebook. If the proposed interactions are currently rather limited, its creators indicate wanting to improve the listening capabilities of the robot quickly.

For now, a user can simply request more information on a political subject. SAM will then do a job of explanation, before asking the opinion of his interlocutor. Artificial intelligence will be able to improve by absorbing the answers given to it.

The creators of SAM see it as a response to the lack of trust of the world’s population in its representatives. Nick Gerritsen, the designer of artificial intelligence, even told Tech in Asia; hope that it is elected in the upcoming New Zealand elections in 2020:

“There are a lot of prejudices about politics right now. It seems that many people think that our leaders are not able to face complex and fundamental problems like global warming. ”

The appearance of SAM coincides with a period of political renewal that New Zealand is going through. The country has just elected Jacinda Ardern, who becomes the youngest prime minister and the third woman to lead the nation. In particular, Labor promised to develop renewable energies and create a minimum wage.

Still, like all experiments, SAM has its limits On the one hand, because there is no legal framework allowing artificial intelligence to run for MP, but also because it could end up being prejudiced against certain parts of the population. That’s what happened to a chatbot earlier this year. It had become racist and sexist, having absorbed the comments of users.


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