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A Parisian neighborhood, a brunch

The best brunches in Paris neighborhood by neighborhood

depot legal christophe adam
depot legal christophe adam

1The best brunches in Paris neighborhood by neighborhood

The pleasure of indulging in a late breakfast or early meal, that brunch that makes us fall in love, earns points if the scenario that surrounds us is the city of Paris. From neighborhood to neighborhood, we visit the French capital in search of those who have enthused us.

DR Text: María Luisa Zotes Ciancas
DR Text: María Luisa Zotes Ciancas

2Louvre: Dépôt Légal (6 rue des petits champs)

Dépôt Légal is the elegant café of chef pâtissier Christophe Adam, located in the beautiful Palais Royal district, a few minutes from the Louvre and the Opéra GarnierIts inviting lounge with large windows, wood, terrazzo and copper brushstrokes invites you to take refuge onthe cold Sundays of winter. In their recipes they use a fine selection of products like the Spanish Arbequina olive oil, the charcuterie Bellota Bellota and Jean Denaux, cream farm Ferme d’Alexandre, Truffle Délices Finca, beer Le Titi Parisien, Kodama tea and macaé cacao from Brazil.

Louvre: Dépôt Légal

3Louvre: Dépôt Légal

Lovers of late brunch will enjoy the sweet and salty creations of their well-known pastry chef until 4:00 p.m. Surround yourself with an espresso, an American, a hot chocolate ‘great harvest’ or your teas green, red or black. Afterwards you will melt with your natural roulé croissant or with chocolate, with bread toast with Bordier butter and homemade jam or, why not, with an exquisite kouign-amann. They also offer bowls with petit-suisse, fresh fruits and granola. For those who prefer salty, opt for their salad of quinoa, feta and tomatoes.

Louvre: Dépôt Légal

4Louvre: Dépôt Légal

To finish, do not miss the avocado toast with fennel and pineapple or a Vivienne croquette with fresh truffle cheese, ham and Beaufort cheese. Gourmands can add as an extra, an éclair of the day or a dessert. In addition, every day from 08.00 hours prepare breakfast with Benoît Castel bread, homemade granola, waffles made at the time, smoothie bowls and original and energetic sweet or salty tartines accompanied by natural juices.

Arts et Métiers: Umami Matcha Café

5Arts et Métiers: Umami Matcha Café

At Umami Matcha Café, the day starts with energy putting a little matcha in your life, that green tea that brings wonderful antioxidant benefits to your body. Immerse yourself in the minimalist and luminous surroundings of this Japanese café for a ‘matcha morning’ or one of its healthy brunches.

Arts et Métiers: Umami Matcha Café

6Arts et Métiers: Umami Matcha Café

It offers two menus: one gluten-free veggie with a hot drink , juice, fruit cake, fruit salad, quinoa porridge with matcha; tofu with sesame, seeds and tender shoots; asparagus donburi with sesame al yuzu and sunomono (a refreshing cucumber and wakamé salad).

Arts et Métiers: Umami Matcha Café

7Arts et Métiers: Umami Matcha Café

Or ask for the Umami brunch made up of the classic hot drink duo and juice; a gourmand croissant with matcha cream and fruit; homemade granola with yuzu; avocado and miso toast; œuf parfait with chèvre , radishes and zucchini; chicken tatsuta-age to ponzu and tabulé to wakamé, cilantro and yuzu. Let yourself be tempted by its sesame moelleux; his tiramisu, the cookie with white chocolate or the cake marbréAll flavored with matcha, the star ingredient of the house.

Marais: Le BigLove Caffè (30, rue Debelleyme)

8Marais: Le BigLove Caffè (30, rue Debelleyme)

Enter Le BigLove Caffè,contemporary trattoria with Neapolitan air located in the heart of Haut Marais, where you will feel at home on Sunday mornings. You will stretch out with an Italian cut, a cappuccino or a latte macchiato thanks to its spectacular Belle Époque machine , in which they also prepare Brazilian and Guatemalan coffees. Curl up in its warm atmosphere of vintage decoration, wooden shelves full of homemade products and Parma hams and Calabria peppers hanging from the ceiling, like an old grocery store.

Marais: Le BigLove Caffè

9Marais: Le BigLove Caffè

Enjoy your a la carte brunch (avocado toast with spicy guacamole, Tuscan ham and Amalfi lemon, tabulé of fresh herbs, green beans, egg mollet, lentils and feta, scrambled eggs with black truffle cream and fresh Molise truffle or egg s benedict alla fiorentina with ham). If your weakness is the wood-fired pizza, you can order it gluten-free ( made with cornmeal, rice or buckwheat). Try the hotty spicy brunch with mozzarella fior di latte, coulant egg, spicy Calabrian sausage, spinach and basil; the green peace burrata with pesto alla genovese, heart of burrata and chips of potato.

Marais: Le BigLove Caffè

10Marais: Le BigLove Caffè

And to finish… taste a tiramisu; a bowl of crunchy granola with greek yogurt, kiwi, banana and pistachios; a brioche della nonna with maison jam and half-salt butter; or some fluffy pancakes with buffalo ricotta, red fruits and almonds, served in traditional Sicilian porcelain. Attenzione, attenzionne, do not admit reservations!

Saint-Germain-des-Prés: Aux Prés (27, rue du Dragon)

11Saint-Germain-des-Prés: Aux Prés (27, rue du Dragon)

Cyril Lignac, one of the stars of the French patisserie, offers an appetizing brunch at his restaurant Aux Prés, right in the heart of the Parisian rive gauche . You’ll want to spend the morning in your pleasant, hectic and charmant classic setting, with florid wall papers and stools from the 50s, for those who lean in your bar.

Saint-Germain-des-Prés: Aux Prés

12Saint-Germain-des-Prés: Aux Prés

Start gently with a green detox juice and mini pastries (napolitanas, pain aux raisins, croissants…) or bio toast with homemade jams and butter . Continue with strength taking some Benedictine eggs with smoked salmon or ham, a white tortilla with avocado, spinach and Parmesan; some crispy spiced prawns accompanied with a head of romaine sesame lettuce; some gnocchi with parmesan and artichoke cream with basil; a bio burger or a croque madame.

Saint-Germain-des-Prés: Aux Prés

13Saint-Germain-des-Prés: Aux Prés

As a final touch you can order roasted figs with honey, frozen cream with specula, banana pancake with chocolate sauce and chantilly or homemade ricotta with quince. If you fall in love, you can take a leap to number 34 on the same street where your new Chocolaterie is located. You will die with your Grand Cru Papouasie black chocolate tablets, the sesame with green tea, the mint or the coconut and raspberry; and the nostalgic can be made with a box of guimauve bears.

Tour Eiffel / Champ-de-Mars: Divellec (18, rue Fabert)

14Tour Eiffel / Champ-de-Mars: Divellec (18, rue Fabert)

Divellec is a legendary restaurant in Paris near the imposing Esplanade des Invalides and redecorated by Studio KO, with avery chic allure. You will receive your cognac-colored velvet banquette as an opera hall; its pink marble bar with exterior views and its inviting winter garden, where tropical greens and blue are mixed with braided rattan and mirror walls.

Tour Eiffel / Champ-de-Mars: Divellec

15Tour Eiffel / Champ-de-Mars: Divellec

It is a cozy place for any appetite, from the petit-déjeuner to the dinner, to the food or the tea-time. On weekends try your brunch, designed by Bernard and Mathieu Pacaud, and accompany it with a glass of Thienot champagne. You will start with a fresh fruit juice and a coffee followed by bread and viennoiseries with butter and organic jams. As a main dish, choose among its marine specialties: carpaccio of sea bass with lemon juice and pink berries; oeuf parfait, smoked haddock and spinach sprouts; or mini burger of scallops with old comté cheese. You will taste a succulent dessert and, if you are a fan of cheese, you can add to the menu a delicious table of refined fromages of Marie Quatrehomme.

Tour Eiffel / Champ-de-Mars: Divellec

16Tour Eiffel / Champ-de-Mars: Divellec

During the week, let yourself be pampered at breakfast. Opt for the classic, consisting of pastries or bread with butter and chestnut honey; or by Divellec, which also includes organic eggs and fruit salads. If you prefer the menu, you can choose eggs to taste with bacon, fine herbs, pepper, tomato… and fish file with green apple candies. And, of course, the inescapable croissants, pains au chocolat, ensaimadas, or toast. For the healthy touch they prepare fruit salads; muesli bio without gluten, or with chocolate.


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