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A simple code can Jailbreak the PS4

As with every console, the PlayStation 4 hack race will never come to an end and new techniques emerge.

A simple code can Jailbreak the PS4

Easy to implement in the past, hacks game consoles have taken the lead in the past few years with the arrival of regular firmware updates of the latter. But some pirates are in no way discouraged by this race for security and we discover today that one of them has found an original way to “jailbreak” the latest born of Sony.

It is via GitHub that Specter has just put online a strange code that allows users to bypass the protections of firmware 4.05 of the home console.

It allows you to execute arbitrary code in the kernel, jailbreak the system and make changes to the kernel

However, to stay in the nails, our Christmas hacker refuses to publish a code or a technique to circumvent anti-piracy devices or run homebrew games. Obviously, some smart guys will use his technique to develop a code to pass the dark side of the force.

To make his hack, Specter explains that it was based on the work of the team fail0verflow who managed to launch Linux late last year on the console of the Japanese manufacturer. The members of this team having waited the month of October to make public their find, Specter thus managed to jailbreak the console in two small months only.

While many players were already enjoying pirated games on their console, hackers remind us that Sony engineers have already fixed the flaw for a long time and that to find a security hole in the firmware 5.03, they must start from scratch . The race to hack can resume again and does not seem ready to end.


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