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A small two-year-old girl ‘steals’ the Baby Jesus in the middle of the representation of birth

Nativity scene
Nativity scene

One of the most tender and fun things that I have had to witness as a mother since my daughter goes to school, are the representations and dances that they organize for the different celebrations and commemorative dates of the year.

Sometimes, although they have lasted weeks or months rehearsing, the children do not stop being children and put their touch and naturalness to these events. Such was the case of a two-year-old girl, who, just half of the time of Jesus’ birth, decided that she should take the baby in her arms.

Tana Benson is the mother of the girl in question, and who posted on her Facebook account the funny video in which we can see her two-year-old daughter, named Teegan, get out of her character and take the Baby Jesus in her arms.

In an interview for ABC News, Tana tells that the little Teegan is ‘obsessed’ with the Baby Jesus due to the Christmas season and could not help but take the doll in the middle of her performance, provoking the laughter of those who were present during the dramatization.

But not all of them found it funny what Teegan did, who was disguised as a tender little lamb. Collia, the three-year-old girl who was representing ‘Maria’ the mother of Jesus, was annoyed that Teegan took the baby and taking her mother’s role seriously, went to retrieve it.

And although Collia managed to put him back in the manger to continue with the performance, Teegan took him back in his arms. So again Collia tried to take it off to put it in the manger, but now Teegan did not let go and the little ones started fighting for the baby, causing an adult to intervene to separate them.

The mothers of both girls were sitting together during the play and at the moment when all this happened, they began to laugh so much that the tears came to them . At the end of the play, the mothers talked with the girls and Collia told them: “Teegan took the Baby Jesus, so he had to take him back. I did not push it.”

Teegan and Collia are very friends and love to spend time together, although they have somewhat different personalities. The mother of Teegan says that Collia is very attached to the rules, so it was very funny because both girls were being true to their nature and they were just themselves. For her part, she believes that Teegan might have left the baby in his place, but when he heard all the parents laugh, he decided to continue with the game.

Undoubtedly naturalness and innocence is an essential part of the personality of children when they are so small, and no day or situation is boring or equal to another when we are with them.


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