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A very special gift: her mother creates a doll equal to her to help her normalize her hemangioma

her mother creates a doll equal to her to help her normalize her hemangioma
A very special gift

Charlie is a two-year-old girl who was born with a hemangioma on her face, specifically on her right cheek. Some time ago we echoed her story and her mother’s call for people to see the beautiful baby behind her birthmark and now we talk about the baby again because a few days ago Charlie received a very special gift: a doll equal to her to help her normalize her hemangioma.

When children present any visible difference, either physical or mental, the environment can be very cruel to them by not seeing them as “normal” children. Helping them accept and love their differences will make them feel more confident and confident. That’s why his mother wanted to give him a doll as a symbol of that acceptance.

His mother Katie, author of the blog Typical Katie and mother of two other children, teamed up with Little Plain Jane, a mother of two who makes handmade dolls, to create a doll that looks like her daughter, with a spot on her cheek right.

The idea is that the doll contributes to Charlie seeing his brand as another feature of his appearance that makes it unique, and not as something bad or ugly.

The girl has loved her gift, which she has called “Princess Cheek” because of her peculiar pink spot on her cheek.

Drumroll… You probably saw this in my stories, but. You guys. Charlie has a baby doll that looks JUST like her thanks to @little_plain_jane !!! 😭🙌🏻❤️ The time and care that this shop took to make the birthmark identical to Charlie’s leaves me speechless. Charlie hasn’t put the doll down since I gave it to her and named her (all by herself): Princess Cheek. 😂 This is the most wonderful gift we could have received this Christmas. This little girl has never been happier. Ps- if you are a hemangioma/PWS mom- they make custom dolls to look like your babe! I will be hosting a giveaway soon, too. ❤️ (Swipe through to see all the photos.) #hemangioma #hemangiomaawareness #birthmarkbuddies #hemangiomamama #birthmarksarebeautiful #shopsmall #bestofetsy

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Charlie’s mother has confessed to having suffered very painful comments about her baby’s appearance as suggesting that she use “her good side”.

“He does not have a good side, we do not use that good side, we do not touch up his hemangioma in the pictures, his whole face is my sweet Charlie and it does not matter what his appearance looks like.”

The hemangioma is part of its appearance since it was born (although it has significantly remitted) and does not involve any medical complications for the baby. It is just a cosmetic lesion that will disappear with time.

What is a hemangioma?

A hemangioma is a benign tumor that usually is located around the nose, mouth or eyes and consists of an uncontrolled growth of the cells that form the blood vessels. They never invade other tissues and do not degenerate into a possible malignant tumor 80% of the hemangiomas are cutaneous and consist of reddish raised patches on the skin. It is quite frequent in children.

Many babies are born with these birthmarks, while they sometimes form in the first months of life. They have a first phase of rapid growth in which their volume and size increase rapidly, followed by another of rest, in which the hemangioma changes very little, and a phase of involution in which it begins to disappear. They require frequent monitoring by the pediatrician, the color and size of the spot in case it could change its appearance, but most are reduced with time to disappear completely.


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