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All you risk to sleep with an unknown person

STD, pregnancy, feelings of insecurity... The blows of an evening can remember your good memory well after your night of madness.

All you risk to sleep with an unknown person
One night stand

Whether with a person at a party or with a Tinder match, the adventures of a night are exciting. Yet sleeping with a stranger or stranger is far from safe. Behind the fantasy of the stroke of a night are hints of hygiene or safety to observe, so as not to feel too bad the day after waking.

An STD, the base

Chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, genital warts… The list of sexually transmitted diseases is long as the arm. What you spin a strong desire to wear a condom. Julien, 28, works in higher education in Paris; he tells:

” One day, I had not taken protection with a girl, who learned in the process that she had an STD. So I started to search, to trace the thread of my sexual relations to identify the last time I had not put on a hood. I had to go back to that person and say, “Oh, by the way, I slept with a girl and I gave her a dirty trick. I think it may come from you. Pay attention to yourself, more “. We take the measure that we can transmit an invisible danger. 

Yum, other sickly diseases

Yes, in addition to the STD itself, there are several diseases that are transmitted through contact. And so during the sexual act.

We often think of psoriasis and eczema, two very visible skin diseases. But they are not contagious. On the other hand, one is exposed to diseases of bacterial origin, like certain strains of Staphylococcus. On the side of viral diseases, there is hepatitis A, which is transmitted during oral or anal sex, as well as the zika virus,” explains Dr. Sébastien Fouéré, of the French Society of DermatologyThird category, that of parasites, such as worms, which can be transmitted sexually. Finally there is the mange and the crabs, less serious, but not ragoûtants.

To start an unwanted pregnancy

An oversight of a pill on one side, a box of empty hoods on the other and with a little precipitation, an unprotected report quickly arrived.

As long as it is precisely the time of the menstrual cycle where it is possible to conceive, the risk of fertilization is increased. Super nice to go buy a pregnancy test a few weeks later at the pharmacy, and cross your fingers to be negative.

Feeling at risk or uncomfortable

It is difficult to quantify. But the feeling of insecurity, when it appears with someone unknown, shower all the cravings of drag.

Like Tom, 30, who works in design in Paris, no one is safe from a bad meeting:

” Three weeks ago, I decided to meet a guy who had warmed me on Tinder. Except that on the way to go, the guy in question tells me that we will finally be three. I’m a little surprised because it happens at the last moment, but hey. He sends me photos of his friend. I find it not bad and so I accept. It is true that once at home, it was a little disturbing. Especially since they were two and I alone. The guy in question was very domineering. Everything went well in the end, but I will pay more attention to the app next time. 

“I was super disappointed”, or when everything falls like a puff

Much less serious (but annoying anyway), the shots of a night can be the source of big disappointments. Especially when the excitement is at its height and everything comes down suddenly.

” Once, I came across a really hot guy on a dating app. We wrote things super hot. He was telling me things he was going to do to me. So I decide to meet him. I am going to his house. In the end, once in bed, he had a lot of trouble bending. I was extremely disappointed. Besides, he was not doing at all what he had told me about, “recalls Tom, disappointed after that night well below his expectations.

Toast and then be dumped

More than one in two men (55%) and nearly one in three women (32%) admit to having been unfaithful in their lifetime, according to a 2014 Ifop study. But the risk that the other person realizes it still slows down a lot of enthusiasm.

Beyond being roasted, the major risk is to be permanently dumped. More than one in three (35%) say he could be unfaithful if he was sure that no one would ever know. In the meantime, it is better to talk calmly with your partner to be as fulfilling as possible without hurting others.

Meet the great love

It had to end on a positive note. You also risk to take your foot with this one-night shot. And why not want to get to know the person, or to fall in love or love.

Nearly two-thirds (62%) of those present at dating sites say they wish to establish a serious relationship, and 49% have already engaged in a romantic relationship with a person met online, according to a study of Ifop published in 2015. Apart from sites and apps, meetings can be anywhere: at the bar, in the park, with friends.

Now that you are ready for all eventualities, you can go ahead knowingly.


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