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Allow life to flow

Instead of going against the current and facing life, why do not you let it take you on its path and learn from each of the teachings that you have prepared?



Life flows, but sometimes we try to grab it with force in order to control it and to go along the path that, in a vain attempt, we dictate.

When something unexpected happens, something unexpected, we are unfair and we rebel against it. We put all the blame on him with phrases like “what have I done to deserve this?” And we become victims of something to which we had certain expectations.

As we all know, expectations are incredibly negative most of the time they are not fulfilled, so we fall into defeatism and a sense of disappointment and failure that take us to the deepest.

Life does not require orders, but trust in it


Desiring to control life is nonsense. However, it seems that it is a way of acting on our part almost by inertia.

When everything is going well, great. However, when everything goes wrong we begin to make ourselves the victims, instead of taking our claws and emboldening ourselves to overcome what is coming our way.

Life is not easy. We have the mistaken belief that to be happy everything should go well, however, is not that a bit greedy?

Everything is made up of good moments and bad moments. Both serve for something, although some make us feel much better than others. However, it must be said that it is a matter of perspective.

  • A failure does not have to make us desist from our attempts to carry out something that makes us very excited.
  • Far from that, it can be an opportunity to improve, to mature and to learn from everything that we have not done well.
  • A toxic relationship is not a reason to reject love and renounce it.

It can be an opportunity to learn to be more selective and to take off the blindfold, the fruit of our expectations, as soon as possible.

Do not swim against the current, it flows with life


Are you going to keep hitting your head against the wall when life says “by here not”? Do not victimize yourself in a situation, because perhaps what you want to say is that you start in another direction.

Stop blaming other people for how much they make you suffer, maybe you are the one who is allowing them, who is not capable of cutting relationships and getting away from those who do not suit you.

You live your life in automatic pilot, for that reason you are not capable of capturing everything that she tells you with each step you take.

She gives you the precise indications, even if they are not accepted in the best way by you. But he gives them to you, open your eyes! They are there…

We strive for relationships that are not worthwhile, we are filled with complaints instead of getting going, and we drag a victimhood that makes us consider ourselves victims when it is not.

Why do not we start to flow with life?

Let’s stop rejecting the entire negative that comes over us and start seeing it as a perfect occasion to choose another direction.

Sometimes, we are so comfortable in our comfort zone that we lose perspective, we hate changes! However, these are necessary.

Will you stop wishing you have control?


When a difficulty approaches your existence, your whole world gets out of control. You like to have everything planned, that the days are routines that nothing goes out of the way.

However, when this happens because it is something inevitable you put your hands to your head and you feel like a tightrope. The uncertainty disgusts you; the changes not chosen by you consider them a disgrace.

Modifying our way of seeing situations is everything. Even the most negative part has a positive part; you just have to know how to see it because it can be very subtle.

You will not be able to do it if you go by the easy way that of complaining, of denying and rejecting everything that comes to you.

Flow with life, let yourself go and do not fear what may happen. When you least expect it, wonderful things will happen that you never would have expected.


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