Home Technology Aluminum foil, the key to improving the WiFi signal

Aluminum foil, the key to improving the WiFi signal

Aluminum foil serves to improve WiFi performance.

Internet at home does not always work as well as it should. As you put obstacles in your way, the signal reduces and the speed drops, a problem that has helped to popularize domestic WiFi extenders but are they really necessary? According to a study from the University of Darmouth (USA), you can do the same with aluminum foil.

As you read: the foil helps you improve the WiFi signal and make the Internet run faster. The trick is to recreate virtual walls that modify the direction of the waves. In this way, your WiFi network will make the signal improve in those areas that are free of these false walls.

In the video of the invention you can see how they manage to modify the course of the waves to make them adapt to the room from which they are issued.

This innovative device is cheap, but doing it at home is much more complicated than it seems. First you need a 3D printer and a program to be able to create the three-dimensional model necessary to redirect the WiFi signal. It is then covered with aluminum foil and placed around the router.

This means that, despite the interesting and curious of this trick to improve the WiFi signal, it will still be out of reach of most users. It will also still be necessary to buy an antenna or a repeater if your house is too large, although it is not always necessary: there are ways to improve your WiFi signal in a few minutes and totally free.

The discovery of this group of researchers will have other practical applications that are still unknown, although not everything is totally new. Some time ago we learned that you can improve the Internet speed at home with a metal can, all thanks to the ability of certain metals to reflect and re-select certain frequencies.


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