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Amena rewards its faithful: 1 GB extra per month for each year that they fulfill as clients

Amena rewards its faithful
Amena rewards its faithful

Operators have accustomed us to reward new customers , partly disregarding their customers. Many of the promotions, those that offer discounted fees or months of some free services, only apply when making a portability, seeing the loyal customers as the new ones pay less than them for the same services, although luckily there are more and more promotions that apply to everyone

Amena has decided to turn the tables around, rewarding the clients who spend the most time with them. Starting on January 1, the clients of the green banner will be able to celebrate their anniversaries as clients , because for each year that they keep faithful to Amena, the operator will reward them with an extra 1 GB in their rate every month.

The Amena prize for its most loyal customers has no cheating or cardboard. It is as simple as that from next January 1 those customers will receive 1 extra GB in their rate for each year of permanence, with a maximum of 3 GB. It will be from the month following the anniversary when customers see their rate increased by one gig, and impatient can consult from now in their customer area extra gigabytes that will receive from January.

There is no trap, for each year that a client in Amena will add 1 GB more to his rate, with a maximum of 3 GB

The registration date that will be taken into account for the allocation of the extra gigas is the registration date in Amena, so those who have migrated from Orange will have the migration date as a reference. Rate changes within the Amena itself will not have any impact, losing the benefit in case of low, migration or non-payment.

Without any doubt the idea of ​​Amena is one to be grateful for. A loyal customer is a treasure for every operator and it is very unfair to see how the new ones are rewarded at times, while those who have been paying the bills on time do not receive any benefit. Hopefully, initiatives like Amena will be extended to other operators.


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