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Anal sex, contact with the back door

Anal sex, contact with the back door
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Anal sex is another option within the immense universe that makes sexuality. It involves the introduction of the penis, finger or sex toy in the rectum of the couple. It may also involve oral stimulation (known as a black kiss). It is nothing new, nor is the “black thread” being discovered. Since the Middle Ages this practice has been used to control the birth rate, as an alternative to preserve virginity and as the most widespread option among homosexual couples.

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Does anal sex carry risks?

If the relevant hygienic measures are not taken, yes. For example, anal and vaginal penetration should never be performed immediately because it could trigger infections.

As it is an area that does not distend easily, it can cause small injuries and tears if it is practiced in a forced way or lubricant is not used. Remember that the anus is not an area that is lubricated naturally, so it needs help.

Anal sex is also not free of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, syphilis, herpes, human papilloma gonorrhea and hepatitis. It is essential to use a condom, in addition to having to wash the penis perfectly before touching other areas.

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Why practice anal sex?

Because it is an erogenous zone with a large number of nerve endings, as many as in the vagina or the anus. One of the great myths about anal sex is that it is only a homosexual practice, but this has nothing to do with reality . The woman can also stimulate her man’s anus without “doubting his virility”. Anal sex is pleasurable for men because of the proximity to the prostate or point P. Both men and women, sex Anal is more pleasant if accompanied by masturbation and is done little by little and very carefully.

Do I have to agree to have anal sex?

Only if you want. In a sexual relationship, everything must be consensual and with the certainty that you want to carry out this practice. If you do not feel comfortable, you think it hurts too much, you are tense or just do not want to try, it is your decision and you should not let anyone influence it. It is your body and only you decide about it.


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