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Anal stimulation can be more pleasurable than that of the penis

One study compares both types of sexual stimulation and analyzes how male orgasm occurs.


What happens during an orgasm?

The classic description of the male orgasm induced by the penis is characterized by presenting two different stages. The first stage is initiated by the contractions of the seminal vesicles. Then, prostatic contractions take place. In this stage, the man has the feeling that, inevitably, he is going to ejaculate. The second stage is one in which the seminal fluid is directed towards the urethra.

The perineal musculature pushes the sperm along the urethra to be forcibly expelled, in different phases of expulsion. With each expulsion, there is a sensation of intense pleasure that gradually diminishes as the ejaculation ceases.

Although the orgasm usually takes place in conjunction with ejaculation, the two processes are, in fact, independent.

As described in the study, if the ejaculations are mechanically induced and lack pelvic contractions, they have little erotic value; however, the intense pleasure seems to be triggered by prostatic stimulation even when there are no pelvic contractions to cause the ejaculation of the semen.

Therefore, men who practice prostatic stimulation would improve the quality of sexual pleasure obtained. 

The masculine ‘G-spot’?

Researchers have previously suggested that this area of ​​the rectal wall was similar to the so-called ‘G-spot’ of women, in the sense that it activated the orgasm when stimulated.

Now it is known that both meanings are anatomically incorrect, but they are widely used. 

Regarding the stimulation of the prostate, some have erections during their stimulation while others do not. A considerable number of men showed extreme episodes of shaking before the induced orgasms occurred, and when they do so they are infinitely more pleasant than those obtained by stimulating the penis.

However, the exact mechanism of anal pleasure is not clear. Some researchers propose that the key is in the nerves that pass along the surface of the gland (prostate plexus); others suggest that pleasure originates from the nerves of the prostate itself.

Meanwhile, others talk about the ‘wiring’ of the brain necessary to appreciate the effects of organ stimulation; that is, thanks to the neuronal plasticity, the brain would adapt to experience the sensations of pleasure in this area.

The complexity of human sexuality linked to the lack of sufficient research in this line makes it difficult to obtain a detailed study of male pleasure.

However, there is no doubt that stimulating the prostate through the rectal wall can create sensations of pleasure that are exceptionally intense, often superior to those obtained by stimulating the penis.

Finally, the study makes a criticism: it has not studied enough of the male orgasm, since it would imply the insertion and rectal stimulation.

Why have we not yet obtained images of the brain from the orgasms stimulated by the prostate, so that we can compare them with the orgasms of the penis?

Who will lead the challenge? It remains to be seen.


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